Research shows effective teachers are the key factor
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Renaissance-U offers flexible professional development through personalized coaching supported by self-paced tutorials and activities. This blended approach helps strengthen your implementation of Renaissance assessment, math, and reading solutions.

Expert data coaching

Learn best practices for analyzing and acting on your Renaissance data. A Renaissance coach will work with a core team of two champions and the principal in each school to model and guide data conversations in your school.

Self-paced online tutorials and activities

Short, engaging tutorials and activities present critical content to effectively use Renaissance Learning’s assessment, math, and reading solutions and the data they provide. Teachers access online tutorials through Renaissance Place.


Online professional development benefits students and teachers as much as traditional face-to-face professional development.

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Renaissance-U won Tech & Learning's Stellar Service Award - Best Use of Afterschool Time (Best online PD training).

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Renaissance-U was recognized as a REVERE Awards finalist in the Instruction & Classroom Practice category.

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Syllabus Overview:  Assessment Course Suite

Tutorial Example

Renaissance-U – Understanding the Screening Report

Universal screening: Understanding the Screening Report

Activity Example

Understanding the Screening Report Activity

Understanding the Screening Report

Syllabus Overview:  Reading Course Suite

Tutorial Example

Renaissance-U – Use Points to Estimate Length

Connect students with the right books: Use points to estimate length

Activity Example

Practice Setting Point Goals

Practice setting point goals

Syllabus Overview:  Math Course Suite

Tutorial Example

How Can Accelerated Math Help Me Differentiate By Depth_NonRenU

Differentiating Practice and Instruction by Depth: How Can Accelerated Math Help You Differentiate by Depth

Activity Example

Investigating the Progress Dashboard

How does math practice differ for student groups?

Syllabus Overview:  Accelerated Teaching Course Suite

Activity Example

Understanding English Language Learners

Understanding English Language Learners: Common Questions about English Learners


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