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Inspire Your ELL Readers to Tackle Text Complexity

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We face a clear challenge in education today: Research shows that the texts students will encounter in college and career are becoming increasingly complex, yet the texts they’re exposed to in K–12 education are actually decreasing in complexity.

So how do we help our students—particularly our English Language Learners—successfully tackle more complex texts?

Watch this engaging session for the answer to this critical question. You’ll gain a clear understanding of the three factors affecting text complexity:

  • Quantitative factors—and ways to match learners with texts at just the right level
  • Qualitative factors—and strategies for helping students navigate complex figurative language
  • Reader/text factors—along with practical tips for building students’ vocabulary and background knowledge

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how, with the right strategies and scaffolds, you can help ELL students in your district become more confident and proficient readers, as well as lifelong learners.


Doris Linville is Director of Customer Success—Global at Renaissance. A former migrant education teacher, she specializes in delivering professional development on using technology in the classroom and building home-school connections.

Carol Johnson is a bilingual educator and National Education Officer at Renaissance. She holds a PhD in Second Language Acquisition & Teaching, specializing in how people learn second languages.

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Inspire Your ELL Readers to Tackle Text Complexity