A truly unique assessment platform, just for you

Using the SchoolCity platform as a base, collaborate with our experts to develop customizations that transform it into an assessment solution that’s truly yours—from custom-built online testing tools to specific testing accommodations and beyond.

Get a new level of insight into student learning with carefully blueprinted assessments

Our team unpacks your curriculum’s scope and sequence to blueprint, build, and deliver assessments that align to your pacing using our high-quality standards-based assessment content.

Items Analysis

Design a tailor-made reporting suite for at-a-glance insights

Elevate conversations around instruction, curriculum, and programming with standards-aligned, interactive reports carefully designed to answer key questions across your stakeholders.

SchoolCity Reporting Suites

Equitably and authentically measure learning with robust online testing accommodations

Enable your unique student population to accurately demonstrate their learning for improved instructional decisions through existing or custom-built online testing accommodations, such as:

  • Text-to-speech, multilingual support
  • Google Translate
  • Highlighter
  • Line reader
  • Assessment author annotations
Custom reports

Know exactly how to target in-the-moment feedback

Your custom assessments are built using our best-in-class item banks, which provide distractor rationales, item-specific rubrics, and rich metadata that equip teachers to effectively and confidently guide in-the-moment feedback.

Distractor Rationale

Custom-built items—and even item types

High-quality assessment items, passages, and even new item types can all be developed to ensure your assessments capture the information you need. Over 19 item types, including technology-enhanced items (TEIs) such as graphing, hot spot, and inline choice, are already available.

Custom-built items

Accelerating learning for all Texas students

SchoolCity empowers Texas educators to accurately assess learning, target instruction, and align high-quality supports with a suite of solutions developed for the Lone Star State.


How does SchoolCity work?



Partner with our team to create a strategy for meeting your unique assessment creation, administration, and reporting needs.



Administer assessments via paper/pencil, online, or a combination, leveraging any custom-built online testing tools and test accommodations. Scan paper/pencil assessments for instant grading.



Expedite data-driven decisions with customized reports by assessment, standard, item, multiple measures, and others to immediately surface insights about curriculum, instruction, student supports, equity, and more.


Move learning forward

Confidently take the right next steps to advance student learning and accelerate district-wide standards proficiency.


SchoolCity assessment types

With a range of measures at your disposal—including performance-based assessments and even surveys—your team is able to monitor learning and mastery across the many ways students may demonstrate standards proficiency.

Item Bank Assessments

Assessments that can incorporate any of our 19+ different item types—including TEIs such as hot spot and graphing—or custom-built item types. Benefit from a bank of over 80,000 items to address the breadth and depth of each standard at the right DOK and level of rigor.

Item bank assessments

Answer Key Only Assessments

Existing assessments can be uploaded via PDF to avoid recreating them in SchoolCity, while also receiving the in-depth standards-based reporting that SchoolCity provides.

Answer Key Only

Express Assessments

Quickly create a paper/pencil multiple choice assessment and scan results for instant grading for a quick, formative check on student learning.

Express assessments

Performance-Based Assessments

Enable online scoring of offline performance assessments, such as projects and essays. Flexible grading and scoring options and alignment to standards allow for in-depth reporting.

Performance based


Gather data around social-emotional learning, school climate and culture, perceptions, and well-being from students and parents.


Security and privacy

As of December 2022, SchoolCity has received a SOC2 report from an AICPA auditor.

We use the platform to customize reports for district evaluations and have collaborated with SchoolCity’s team to create specific data captures that track our unique goals, ensuring every district and state expectation is being met.”

Betty Garcia-Hill • Formative Assessment Manager, Houston Independent School District (HISD)

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