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Individualized Instruction

Edwords (ěd · words) n. 1. PreK-12 glossary breaking through buzzwords to solve the challenge of a common definition. 2. Renaissance® resource to help educators take part in discussion, debate, and meaningful discourse. 3. Educators’ jargon buster.

What is individualized instruction?

Individualized instruction refers to a method of teaching that tailors content, instructional technology, and pace to the abilities and interests of each learner.

Students need practice at just the right level

Every student needs deep practice in order to build new skills. The physiological process of building skills in a student’s brain requires repetition and practice at just the right level of challenge.

This process builds thicker myelin, which protects the neurological pathway that corresponds to a particular skill.

How can I manage individualized instruction?

Renaissance programs provide deep, meaningful practice at the right level for each student.

Assessment data guides assignments

When you know exactly what each student already knows and what they need to learn next, you can adjust assignments in a way that fits each student’s individual goals. Each student can practice reading or math at the right level, and you spend the same amount of time assigning practice.

The right practice for each student

You can provide practice at multiple levels in the same classroom, so every student receives the right amount of challenge and success.

Providing individualized practice helps you

  • Deliver math and reading practice at the right level of challenge and success
  • Create a rich environment where each child feels engaged, curious, and eager to learn more
  • Foster understanding of what each child’s strengths and weaknesses are so you can communicate those with parents

By balancing challenge and success for every student

An ideal practice solution simplifies the process of individualizing instruction by:

  • Providing reading and math practice opportunities at the right level for every student
  • Showing you exactly what students know and what to teach next, with resources embedded to guide instruction

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