May 7, 2024

Renaissance’s award-winning Freckle, myON, Lalilo, and Accelerated Reader programs will support Utah students’ literacy and math engagement and growth

BLOOMINGTON, MN (May 7, 2024) ‒ Renaissance, a leader in pre-K–12 education technology, recently announced that the State of Utah has awarded a contract for Freckle for Math, Freckle for ELA, myON, myON News, Lalilo, and Accelerated Reader for use as K‒12 Supplemental Online Curriculum. Districts can select these research-based practice products to further meet students where they are in their learning while also providing personalized and engaging learning experiences.

“In addition to already supporting Utah teachers and students with our Nearpod platform statewide (which is available to all Utah schools through a Utah Education Network [UEN] software license), we’re pleased to offer these evidence-based supplemental online curricula to support every Utah learner by delivering personalized skill-building and insight-driven practice to ensure they’re ready for what’s next,” said Scott Montgomery, Vice President of Government Affairs at Renaissance.

“Combined with Renaissance’s supplemental curriculum already in districts’ Nearpod Library, Utah educators can now have seamless access to the award-winning content from Freckle, myON, and Lalilo for new ways to drive classroom instruction and further student growth,” Montgomery added.

The Renaissance programs in the new Utah contract are used by thousands of schools across the US to support teaching and learning:

  • Freckle provides targeted and adaptive practice in both math and ELA, with built-in tools and scaffolds in each subject.
  • myON provides 24/7 access to a large digital library of engaging books, along with news articles written specifically for students.
  • Lalilo provides instruction and practice on essential foundational literacy skills, with in-the-moment feedback for developing readers.
  • Accelerated Reader helps educators to monitor and manage students’ reading practice—and guides students to books they’ll love.

Utah educators can learn more about the products in this new contract by visiting this webpage. Educators can access ordering and pricing information by visiting the Utah State Contracts Portal and searching for contract #MA4537.

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