April 3, 2024

Some struggling readers using myON achieved two years’ worth of additional reading growth in a single school year

BLOOMINGTON, MN (April 3, 2024) – Renaissance, a leader in pre-K–12 education technology, recently released a research study demonstrating that students’ use of the myON digital reading platform is associated with higher levels of reading growth. The new study, which involves more than 480,000 US students in grades K–12, also shows that struggling readers in the early grades who use myON with fidelity can make up to two years’ worth of additional growth in a single academic year.

Using data from the 2022‒2023 school year, the study compares the reading growth of 486,471 students who used myON to the growth of 1,533,498 students in the same districts who did not use the myON platform. Key findings include:

  • Students who used myON at or above the recommended levels—including students struggling with reading and English Language Learner students—experienced higher growth rates in reading than students who did not use myON or did not use it with fidelity.
  • Thirty-four percent (34%) of struggling readers in grades K–5 who used myON with fidelity gained an additional half year of reading growth, 16% achieved at least one year of extra growth, and a smaller subset of these students attained an additional 2 years of reading growth.
  • Students who utilize myON’s natural-voice audio narration—which models fluent reading—experienced greater growth than students who did not use myON.
  • Students who read more nonfiction titles on myON grew more than students who read more fiction or did not use myON at all.

“Providing students with greater access to texts has been a priority in many districts over the last few years, and digital reading platforms have played an important role in these initiatives,” said Eric Stickney, Vice President of Educational Research at Renaissance. “These promising results indicate that supplementing typical reading practice with a differentiated and dynamic literacy platform like myON can be an efficient and effective way to boost literacy growth for all students.”

Designed for learners in pre-K‒grade 12, myON includes a core library of more than 8,000 titles in English, Spanish, and other languages on a wide range of topics. Each title includes natural-voice audio narration, and students can also use myON to record themselves reading books aloud, to monitor their reading fluency and showcase reading progress. myON’s personalized recommendations ensure students find books on topics that interest them, while digital reading tools—including highlighters, sticky notes, and more—promote student engagement and support the development of essential 21st century literacy skills.

To download the new myON outcomes study, click here. To learn more about myON, click here.

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