May 5, 2023

BLOOMINGTON, MINN. (May 5, 2023) – Renaissance, a leader in pre-K–12 education technology, announced that the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has approved Renaissance assessments for inclusion on the K–3 reading assessment list, which was created in accordance with Senate Bill 681.

The bill mandates that all K–3 students in Missouri must take a state-approved reading assessment beginning in the 2023–2024 school year. As a result of this approval, local education agencies (LEAs) can now utilize Star Reading, Star CBM Reading, and Star Early Literacy to assist educators in guiding students toward becoming proficient readers.

“We’re pleased to support the teachers and students of Missouri with valid and reliable assessments for measuring and monitoring literacy skills proficiency,” said Darice Keating, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs at Renaissance. “Renaissance assessments will help teachers to identify students who may be at risk for developing reading difficulties and are in need of additional instruction and intervention. The assessment data will also show teachers the literacy skills their students are ready to learn next.”

Star Assessments are quick and easy for teachers to administer, and they provide a comprehensive view of each learner to support their foundational literacy development. Star Assessments for Missouri Reading include:

  • Star Reading, an online assessment for independent readers in the key domains of vocabulary, comprehension, structural analysis, and more.
  • Star CBM Reading, curriculum-based measures to assess students’ understanding of letters and their sounds, phonological awareness, decoding, and oral passage reading. Teachers administer the measures 1:1, either online or on paper.
  • Star Early Literacy, an online assessment of phonological awareness, phonics, print concepts, fluency, and comprehension for beginning and emergent readers.

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