ReadQuest 2017: Your passport to everywhere

By Ken Stoflet, Communications Specialist

Waiting for six weeks

I got my first passport when I was 15 years old. Standing in line at the local post office, nervous and not really sure what to expect, I waited. Clutching the pre-filled paperwork, I made my way to the attendant. After a couple signatures and a quick photo, he said I could expect my password in about six weeks. I thought, “Wait, that’s it?”

That’s all it took! Six weeks later, my passport arrived, and I realized I had the ability to travel almost anywhere. I flipped through the passport, memorized, yet determined, to fill out the little booklet. A book in the hands of a child holds that same ability. From the depths of the sea to space and beyond, a book is a magical passport to anywhere we want. It gives students the chance to explore the world. With each book, students take something away and they grow, much like a passport allows us to do.

“From the depths of the sea to space and beyond, a book is a magical passport to anywhere we want.”

On a rickety old wooden chair under a dusty old black sorting hat, anxiously waiting to hear which house I’ll be in for the next seven years. In the arctic, clutching my steaming coffee and waiting out another windstorm in my shack before I can continue my research. On my belly, crawling through pitch-black tunnels, surrounded by rocks and darkness, the only light coming from the faint glow at the end. These are just a few of the places reading has taken me.

It doesn’t matter if the destination is real or make-believe; reading fills the imagination and brings joy. The great thing about reading is that so many positives come from it, including increased vocabulary exposure, greater reading comprehension, and general growth as people, just to name a few. The key is finding something enjoyable (for me, it was books about LEGOs.) As Tedd Arnold, author of Fly Guy!, says in this year’s What Kids Are Reading report, his discovery of Mad Magazine when he was a child sparked his love of reading. When that interest is fed, reading is magical.

A day of celebration

On Friday, March 3, 2017, thousands of students all over the country will come together in a one-day event to celebrate the power of reading and the incredible places it takes us. From pajama days to treats and comfy reading spots, ReadQuest is a day of fun for students. In fact, one of my favorite things about ReadQuest is seeing all the photos educators share on social media of their classrooms’ takes on ReadQuest (which reminds me, make sure to use #ReadQuest17 to share your adventures this year!).

ReadQuest is a day of celebration, a day to let loose and enjoy a good book. In the past, classrooms have submitted press releases recognizing their students’ achievements, invited guest readers and older students into their classrooms to read aloud to others, and displayed the live ticker showing the total number of Renaissance Accelerated Reader® and Renaissance Accelerated Reader 360® quizzes taken nationwide. On top of all that, the official ReadQuest site offers printables, such as customizable bookmarks, certificates to give your students for participating, and a passport that students can fill out to document their adventures. Be sure to check out them out as you prepare for this year’s event!


How will you celebrate ReadQuest with your students? Do you have anything special planned for the big day? Let us know in the comments!

If you haven’t registered for ReadQuest yet, there’s still time. Click the button below to register now. (Psst: The sooner you sign up, the more chances you will have to win a $25 Amazon gift card simply for registering!)

Ken Stoflet, Communications Specialist
Ken Stoflet, Communications Specialist
Ken Stoflet is the communications specialist at Renaissance. He has been with the company since 2015 and can be found crafting anything from a press release to a tweet. In his spare time, Ken enjoys spending time with his friends, lifting, and making trips to the Frozen Tundra to cheer on the Green Bay Packers.


  1. Donna Nichols says:

    I agree completely! As a child I loved comic books but I had a teacher tell me you couldn’t learn anything from a comic. As a teacher now, I know how wrong she was! Interest feeds learning…regardless of the format.

  2. Dvawn Maza says:

    Our librarian usually sets up different events

  3. Rita Platt says:

    We celebrate reading every single day.

  4. Doug Abend says:

    Sharing with teachers to expand into the classroom.

  5. Katherine Williams says:

    My grade level has created a READ-O board where students will chose books from the bingo board and read them. If they successfully test, they will have it initialed by the teacher. Categories include a Dr. Seuss book, a book with an animal character, a biography, etc.
    When students get a row completed, they will get a fun Dr. Seuss prize (pencil, eraser, bookmark, etc.).

  6. Renee Graham says:

    This year, ReadQuest coincides with our Seuss Week. We have special days planned for every day that week. Friday is Animal Print day. We will be reading If I Ran the Zoo for Seuss Week and reading all day for RQ.

  7. Ami Edwards says:

    I am excited about it. I have several different things planned.

  8. Kimberly Bell says:

    We are celebrating with a Dr. Seuss author study! It will end with a character/ book parade the school! So much fun!

  9. Emily Carlisi says:

    We’re making it a schoolwide event. Our PTO is providing cookies!!!! Woohoo!!!!

  10. David Keech says:

    During my math classes that day, I will take time out to do some brief math related book talks and share my favorite authors and books.

  11. Micah Chatterton says:

    Readquest and Dr.Seuss week go hand in hand at our school. We do a Seuss quote of the day challenge and have guest readers come in from the community.

  12. Melissa Stephens says:

    My class is extremely excited about our “adventures” next Friday!

  13. Darrell Baty says:

    I will be going and reading to campuses – we are doing it in conjunction with Dr. Seuss day

  14. carol roberts says:


  15. Meredith Sanders says:

    We are inviting parents to come read and celebrating the whole week with different dress up days!

  16. Nicole Erwin says:

    The cat in the hat is visiting!

  17. Carly says:

    Of course reading is an ongoing celebration and we do many things at our school to promote reading. One of the biggest reading events we have is celebrated during Read Across America where school-wide we celebrate with a Dr. Seuss theme. Our classroom doors are decorated and everyday a different event is run through media. One day students may swap old books from home with other students. Another day members of the community come to read in our classrooms. We even will have a Lorax day where students will have a period of time to help clean up areas around our school. Then on Friday, if a school-wide reading goal is attained, students will attend an assembly to see Ooblek poured onto our principal and v.p.’s heads. There are also thematic dress-up days in the spirit of Dr. Seuss stories.

    • Ken Stoflet, Communications Specialist Ken Stoflet, Marketing Communications Specialist says:

      That sounds like an awesome celebration, Carly. You’ll have to let us know if your students reach the school-wide reading goal!

  18. Melissa Robles says:

    We celebrate reading everyday. We have an entire week of events planned for Read Across America and Dr. Seuss’ Birthday.

  19. P R says:

    Comic book day.

    Teaching math concepts using picture books.

  20. I’m not working in a particular school right now, but I love reading and ReadQuest gives me the opportunity to visit and read to the students. I currently work at the district level analyzing data and I know that lots of reading will help students build their understanding and proficiency.

  21. Andrea Wendt says:

    We are having a PJ Read-in day!

  22. Chimere McRae says:

    So excited about Read Quest!

  23. Fatima Peters says:

    I can’t wait for Read Quest!!!! The kids love to check in and see how many quizzes have been taken! During our school Book Fair each classroom teacher purchased a book to add into our raffle basket for March 3rd. Whichever class takes the most quizzes will receive the basket of books to add to their classroom library, the kids, teachers and myself are so pumped!!!

  24. Christina says:

    A great way to kick off march is reading month!!!

  25. Shultz says:

    We are signed up and ready to go!

  26. Patricia Preciado says:

    At Kimball Elementary are hosting a Family Reading Night on March 3rd!
    Surprise readers
    Raffles during event
    A book given to each student in attendance!

  27. Cynthia says:

    I teach 5th grade and have 4 read-a-thons a year. Of course, we read everyday as well. All of our 5th graders are buddy readers with a first grade class. They get together twice a week. This experience is really helping our first graders and our 5th graders are wonderful role models. Renaissance is a big part of my reading program. One of my students even wrote a winning essay this year…..and was honored at our local library. I am leaving HIS NAME and MY NAME OUT………but, you will see what reading has meant to him this year. March 3, the day of celebration sounds wonderful. Here is ‘part of his essay’ that addresses his reading success, this year.

    In the past, I always hated school and never wanted to go on Mondays. That has all changed this year because of my teacher.. She makes me feel special and safe at school because she aways takes care of me and helps me when needed. Now Mondays are the best day of the week.

    Reading has always been hard for me since the 1st grade. Every year I had to have extra help to be a better reader. I have never felt like it really worked. I worried I would never be a good reader. At times, I felt left out because of struggling with my reading. I don’t feel that way this year. Now, my teacher has shown me I AM a reader. She finds books I’m interested in and encourages me to read them. I can’t believe how much I have already read!

    The most important thing that makes my teacher so special is that she cares about everyone. She makes us all feel loved . She lifts my confidence every day. I want to do my best because she rewards me and makes me so happy. I want to give 100% every day.

    These are things that make my teacher so special. I am so thankful that she is my teacher. I wish that everyone could have her as a teacher.

  28. Amanda Martinez says:

    Our entire school is having a ReadQuest Read-a-Thon in our ELA classes! The kids have the passports ready to go this morning and I have the certificates of participation set to be filled out. We are pumped!