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A parent’s guide to Renaissance Accelerated Math®

accelerated math parent guide

Q: What is Accelerated Math?

A: Accelerated Math is the most effective math practice software available. Math practice is designed to build incremental confidence, so your child gains the skills they need in order to master math.

Q: What do teachers do with Accelerated Math?

A: Teachers use Accelerated Math to assign math practice at your child’s unique level in order to help them grow. Teachers receive data that tells them how math skills are improving, so they know when students need extra help.

Q: What does Accelerated Math do for my child?

A: Accelerated Math helps students learn to think critically about math—like mathematicians. Your child will work on a set of 6 problems before they see which ones they missed. This helps them learn that it’s okay if it takes a few tries to “get it”—that practice is the best way to master math.

Q: Can we use Accelerated Math at home?

A: Your child can use Accelerated Math to complete practice assignments at home. Their math tests must be taken at school. Your child’s teacher can choose to offer Renaissance Home Connect provide you with direct communication about your child’s progress on their assignment.

Q: How can I help my child with Accelerated Math?

A: Just like learning an instrument or sport, your child needs practice to become better at math. Encourage your child to take their time to solve problem, and to challenge them to stick with it even when it feels hard. This is called “productive struggle,” and is very important for children mastering math.

Q: Where do I go if I have questions?

A: Your child’s teacher is the best source of additional information about your child’s progress with Accelerated Math. Renaissance is committed to protecting student privacy and will not share data with anyone outside your child’s authorized school staff.

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