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Accelerated Reader 360 has high-interest nonfiction articles with instructional skills practice activities and an AR Quiz built into every article.

Everything educators love.
New tools they need.

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Everything educators love.
New tools they need.

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Move students forward confidently.

The biggest advancement ever in the nation’s most widely used K12 reading program, Accelerated Reader 360 helps teachers meet key educational shifts with new tools they can use within their existing literacy blocks. The program continues to do what educators love. It motivates students to grow as goal-focused readers and enables teachers to set and monitor personalized goals. Yet, it adds new capabilities by layering instructional skills practice into leveled nonfiction articles.

Nonfiction articles to build knowledge.

Accelerated Reader 360 gives teachers the ability to browse, select, and share high-interest digital nonfiction articles with students. Teachers can browse by topic, such as History or Science, or by Skills to find articles that support teaching of Common Core State Standards, such as determining author’s purpose. Every article is leveled by ATOS and will soon have a Lexile® measure.

ATOS ATOS & Text Complexity

Instructional skills practice made meaningful. Instructional skills practice made meaningful.

Students learn to read closely with built-in instructional skills practice activities that give them the opportunity to read, cite, write, and quiz. Each nonfiction article includes a highlight and tag activity and a “show you know” writing prompt. Then, students complete an AR Quiz, moving comfortably, into more complex texts and building the transferrable skills necessary for success in the content areas and on Smarter Balanced exams.

Personalized independent reading practice. Personalized independent reading practice.

Accelerated Reader 360 expands on what educators have known and loved for years. More than 160,000 AR Quizzes are available, and nearly half are for nonfiction books. Students can take AR Quizzes on computers, laptops, and tablets 7 inches or larger. The Discovery Bookshelf guides students to books that might interest them based on their reading history and reading level. A dynamic interface invites students to self-select authentic literature at the right reading level to facilitate growth.

AR Book Discovery AR BookFinder
AR Quiz Types Suggest a Quiz

Lexile® measures now available for books with AR Quizzes.

Lexile® measures now available for books with AR Quizzes.

Informed insight.
Actionable data.
Instructional skills practice made meaningful.

Teachers don’t have a shortage of data. They have a shortage of time. The Reading Dashboard brings independent and instructional reading data together with key data from multiple Renaissance products. Teachers have a 360-degree view of progress to develop growth plans and monitor progress toward Common Core State Standards, to move students forward confidently.

Reading Dashboard Reports

Built to fit the existing literacy block.

Accelerated Reader 360 takes learning to a deeper level. It enables teachers to balance independent reading practice at each student’s personal reading level with instructional reading practice of grade level text. AR 360 is designed to fit within the teacher’s existing literacy block and works in a whole group, small group, or as an independent reading practice tool whether students share a few computers or have 1:1 devices.

View a webinar about Accelerated Reader 360.

View a webinar highlighting all the new capabilities of Accelerated Reader 360.


Accelerated Reader Enterprise customers can try AR 360 free.

Educators who use Accelerated Reader can access all the new features in Accelerated Reader 360 at no cost until their 2015 renewal, including the nonfiction articles and instructional skills practice activities.

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