It’s a new day for
Accelerated Reader.

Teachers know what works for students. That’s why Accelerated Reader is the most widely used reading program in K12 schools—and has been for years.

Now with a redesigned student interface, improved navigation, a new College and Career Readiness report, and tablet compatibility, educators are falling in love with AR all over again.

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A love of reading
changes everything.

A love of reading changes everything.

Trusted by teachers. Loved by kids.

At its heart, AR is simple. Students read a book, take an AR Quiz, and get immediate feedback. Kids get excited and motivated when they see their progress. And teachers can easily monitor and manage students' independent reading practice.

More quizzes. More reading choices.

With more than 160,000 AR Quizzes—nearly half of which are non-fiction—students never run out of books to explore. Quizzes can be taken on computers, laptops, and tablets 7 inches or larger. There are five types of quizzes. Go ahead: take a sample Quiz.

Based on research.
Built for results.

Teachers can set personalized goals for each student. Using AR’s ATOS readability formula students can easily search for books at their interest and reading level on AR BookFinder. Teachers get reliable reports on reading comprehension, vocabulary, literacy skills, and more.

Now it’s even easier to manage reading practice, instruction, and assessment data with the new Reading Dashboard.

Print or digital.
The future is here.

Students have many options for reading books and taking AR Quizzes. AR ebook partners include Brain Hive, Capstone Interactive, MackinVIA, and myON.  And soon, AR will be integrated with our Subtext eReading program, empowering teachers with exciting tools to engage students in close reading practice.

Involve parents and the community.

  Through Renaissance Home Connect, parents can access real-time information and support their child's reading goals and progress. And schools can showcase their students' reading achievements with real-time progress through the AR Widget.

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