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Understanding Focus Skills: The Game-Changer for Instructional Planning

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With so many skills to teach and so little time, where should educators focus their efforts for optimal student growth? Research shows that certain skills lay the foundations for future learning, making them essential and non-negotiable. These are focus skills.

Watch this free webinar for valuable insights from international content experts who have analyzed various standards sets and identified their focus skills. You’ll learn:

  • What focus skills are
  • How math and reading focus skills were identified by Renaissance
  • How educators can identify them in other subject areas
  • How teachers can use an understanding of focus skills to optimize instructional planning


Gene Kerns, EdD, is Chief Academic Officer at Renaissance and a nationally acclaimed speaker on learning progressions, K–12 assessments, and educational standards. He is co-author of the new book Unlocking Student Talent: The New Science of Developing Expertise.

James Bell is the Director of Professional Services for Renaissance in the United Kingdom and is based in London. He was closely involved in the outstanding work carried out in producing the learning progressions for UK schools by the National Federation for Educational Research (NFER), the UK's largest independent provider of research, assessment, and information services for education, training, and children's services in London.

Julianne Robar is Content Program Manager at Renaissance. She leads the development of the state-specific learning progressions and the Renaissance Universal Skills Pool.

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Understanding Focus Skills: The Game-Changer for Instructional Planning