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Why overwhelm educators and students with testing? Streamline the assessment process with valid, reliable data to deliver the right instruction, at the right time, for the right reason. Get a complete view of students’ progress at the grade, school, or district level, including achievement and growth measures.


Trust the validity and reliability of Star data, backed by research, validity studies, and millions of data points.


Cutting-edge learning science, data analytics, and test design deliver maximum impact in minimal time.


Introducing Lalilo

Support the Science of Reading with explicit, systematic phonics instruction. Let us help you ensure K-2 learners build foundational literacy skills with practice that motivates and guides growth towards TEKs standards.

Lalilo and Texas

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Supporting over 9,000 campuses in Texas

Get fresh insights, helpful tips, view recent blog posts, product updates, and other curated resources.

  • Blog: In response to: Misunderstanding the Science of Reading
  • Webinar: Assessing Emergent Bilinguals: Celebra lo que saben
  • Funding Guide: Finding funds to support your summer literacy and math programs in 2021

Renaissance Everywhere

Foster student growth in Texas this winter

At Home School Resources

We’re working together to support families, educators, and students in the classroom and at home. Renaissance provides digital solutions to support students and their families everywhere they learn.

Student Engagement Kits for Educators

Use these time-saving tips, ideas, handouts, templates, and more to engage students in reading and math practice activities—and encourage families to support their efforts.

Supporting Garland ISD’s ‘Literacy for Life’ initiative

This partnership provides children in the Garland, Rowlett, and Sachse communities—from birth to age 18— access to more than 6,000 high-interest digital books and news articles through myON.

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