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Accelerated Reader product brochure

Accelerated Product Brochure

Helping students become more inspired readers

Motivate, monitor, and manage both independent and close reading practice for higher reading growth.


Students are excited to meet their independent reading goals because they choose their own books. Teachers can choose nonfiction articles for students to practice close reading using instructional skills activities built into each article. Activities include highlighting and tagging to cite text evidence, “show-you-know” writing prompts, and a comprehension quiz.

Students using Renaissance Accelerated Reader 360® (including English learners, struggling readers, and students receiving free and reduced lunch) are nearly twice as likely to meet benchmarks for college and career readiness standards, according to a study of data from 2.8 million students.

Students can discover that next great book with suggestions based on their reading history, level, and book popularity.

A collection of high-interest articles keeps students engaged in close reading practice. Students read, cite, write, and quiz to build skills necessary for success on summative assessments. A reading dashboard brings independent practice and instructional data onto one screen to provide actionable insights.

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"My students actually beg to use Accelerated Reader 360, and the percentage of nonfiction texts read by students has doubled this year. Yes, doubled."

Christina Ostrander

4th Grade Teacher - Grand Blanc, MI