Are you familiar with the sources of significant federal dollars available to accelerate student learning?

CRRSA (ESSER II) and ARP ESSER funds can be used to purchase Renaissance solutions. Don’t miss the ESSER II September 30, 2023, and ARP ESSER September 30, 2024 spending deadlines. Multi-year purchases may be allowed by your state.

Use technology to advance student achievement

As a block grant, Title IV-A (Student Support and Academic Enrichment) features a level of flexibility that enables educators to tailor investments based on the needs of their unique student populations. The grant may be used for student health and safety, on activities that provide a more well-rounded education, and for technology. Districts which receive less than $30,000 are allowed to spend the funds in only one of these three areas (for example, technology), while recipients of larger amounts must use at least 20% for health and safety and 20% for activities promoting a well-rounded education. Whether the size of your district’s grant enables you to use all your Title IV-A funds for technology or allocate a portion of a larger grant, there is no longer a cap on the amount that can be spent on technology.


The professional learning options offered by Renaissance focus on best practices in the use of our assessment, reading, math, and data technologies. These options include a suite of self-paced, online courses, virtual seminars, custom onsite seminars, customized implementation and data coaching, and webinars. We will work closely with you to identify the professional learning that matches your needs or develop a custom plan aligned to your specific goals.

Leveraging the Renaissance computer-based solutions for students with our array of professional services provides a cohesive and comprehensive approach to the effective use of educational technology in the classroom. Title IV-A presents one of the most significant funding opportunities to do just that.

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