Are you familiar with the sources of significant federal dollars available to accelerate student learning?

CRRSA (ESSER II) and ARP ESSER funds can be used to purchase Renaissance solutions. Don’t miss the ESSER II September 30, 2023, and ARP ESSER September 30, 2024 spending deadlines. Multi-year purchases may be allowed by your state.

Strengthen outcomes for emerging bilinguals

Title III funds are used to improve the language proficiency and academic achievement of emerging bilinguals and for activities that increase the knowledge and skills of their teachers. Language instruction education programs offered to these students must be driven by data on their unique needs. Star assessments offer the only  side-by-side English and Spanish comparisons of students’ skills, allowing you to determine whether their performance reflects a language issue, a content issue, or both—and plan instruction accordingly. Star CBM Lectura is a 1:1 assessment to reflect students’ literacy development in Spanish, a key predictor of English language decoding, spelling, phonological awareness, and comprehension skills.

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Build confidence and success

Accelerated Reader’s books and quizzes in Spanish and Freckle Math’s Spanish version provide the practice to help emerging bilinguals meet the same challenging State academic standards that all students are expected to meet. myON and myON News not only improve students’ mastery of English, they support reading in students’ native languages (myON in Spanish; myON News in Spanish, French, Arabic, and Mandarin), which builds confidence and success as they grow as English language learners. Each of these products provide support for language development at home, including video tutorials and family reports on student progress in Spanish.

A major component of Title III funding relates to professional development. Renaissance offers professional learning sessions for all of its products. Star CBM Lectura professional learning can be delivered in either English or Spanish, along with resources for these sessions in both English and Spanish.

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