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Over 15 years ago, Dr. Michelle Hosp set out to create a better assessment that would help teachers guide phonics instruction for their students. Her research included an analysis of reading curriculums to ensure her new assessment focused on categories that commonly occur in English words. Additionally, she solicited input from national experts, such as Dr. Louisa Moats, and educators across the country, as well as testing hundreds of students.

The resulting assessment, first released in 2016 under the name KeyPhonics, is now used in schools in all 50 states. This technology-based screening and diagnostic assessment provides a fast, easy way to help students become proficient readers using data that informs which phonics categories to teach at a classroom, small group, and individual level.

Comprehensive Phonics Assessment

Efficient assessment in minimal time


Number of critical, common phonics categories assessed


Specific phonics skills assessed within those categories

Under 3


Time per student to administer a comprehensive phonics screener

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