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Simply increasing students’ access to reading materials can increase reading engagement and, in turn, reading growth. With our reading platform, students get access to thousands of digital books—and so much more. From robust scaffolds that help students build reading and writing skills to customizable assignments and reports to help teachers nurture and monitor their progress, myON helps you supercharge reading growth for every learner.

Easily assign projects and monitor growth

A reading platform with robust resources for every educator

myON’s comprehensive approach to personalized literacy includes the tools and content educators need to guide and enrich students’ reading—then monitor and celebrate their achievements at every step.

myON for administrators, teachers, and family

Make reading a schoolwide conversation

Anytime, anywhere access to books helps infuse reading opportunities throughout the school day and involve parents, families, and communities in supporting reading outside of school.

A group of smiling teachers

Engage students and gain unparalleled insight

Embedded scaffolds and instructional tools, along with rich data insights into student reading behavior, help teachers enhance instruction to maximize student motivation and growth.

A teacher with students

Bridge the gap between school and home

Students can read on their favorite devices at home or on the go, online or offline. Families can read with or to their children, in English or Spanish.

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Active reading and writing practice

A closer look at our reading platform

Close Reading

The built-in highlighter, shapes tool, and drawing brush encourage close reading, allowing students to identify evidence, make connections, and mark-up key photos and illustrations in ways not possible with shared physical texts or e-book subscriptions.

Teachers can view students’ comments and respond in the text, providing a quick formative assessment opportunity.

Beating Back the British article in myON

Active note-taking

Students can use sticky notes to annotate as they read, writing comments, documenting theories, asking questions, identifying connections, and more. A journal is available for longer responses or teacher-assigned writing projects.

Anne Frank article in myON

Citing evidence

A citation creator embedded within each student’s journal helps them learn the importance of citing sources and using proper formatting.

Florence Nightingale article in myON

Graphic organizers

Twelve graphic organizers are available to help students gather and arrange their thoughts before, during, and after writing.

Graphic organizers in myON

Written essays

Within myON Projects, teachers can assign students writing tasks along with a target word count, time goal, checklist of instructions, and more. An optional peer review setting allows students to see and comment on each other’s work.

Written essays screen in myON

Reading out loud

On our reading platform, students can record themselves reading books out loud, then listen to themselves and self-assess both their miscues and their strengths as readers. Students can also compare their recordings to the natural-voice audio narration to improve pronunciation, especially with words they haven’t seen before.

Teachers can listen to student recordings to get deeper insights into their students’ reading progress.

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See myON in action


A reading platform that delights readers (and educators!)

Get the Most Out of myON

How our reading platform increases access and engagement



Educational attainment

Researchers found that kids with access to 500 books at home can be expected to graduate high school. Children with minimal access to books at home often don’t make it past ninth grade.



Engaged readers

Engaged readers spend 500% more time reading than disengaged readers. To be engaged readers, students need to spend time reading both at school and outside of the school day.



Reading habits and academic achievement

Students who read 15 minutes or more per day achieve accelerated reading gains, while students who read less than 15 minutes per day may be at risk of falling behind their peers.



Reading trends by age

Nearly half of students read for less than 15 minutes a day. Students read most in elementary school, but by the end of high school the typical student spends just 8 minutes per day reading books.

Real stories from real educators

Success stories from schools and districts like yours

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Increased access supports increased reading

Mission CISD in Mission, Texas, saw students read twice as many books in a single school year after adding myON, which tripled the number of titles available to students.

Students at a desk looking over classwork

Robust reading program raises test scores

Oxnard School District in Oxnard, California, used myON to expand students’ book access—especially to nonfiction titles in Spanish—and saw its state reading test scores rise.

digital promise product certification

Certified by Digital Promise

The Research-Based Design Product Certification serves as a rigorous, reliable signal for district and school administrators, educators, and families looking for evidence of research-based education technology products that are based in research about learning.

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Utilized in schools globally

myON has made it possible for us to provide digital access to a wealth of fiction and nonfiction content, including literature and news articles in both Spanish and English. myON has really opened up an opportunity of equity, allowing us to give every OSD student access to relevant, interesting books.

Dr. Anabolena DeGenna, Assistant Superintendent, Oxnard School District

myON enriches what we’re doing with Accelerated Reader and steps it up a notch.

Francisca Sanchez, Executive Director for Elementary Education, Mission CISD

By providing age-appropriate, leveled texts, myON also helps teachers connect content to classroom topics or to our adoptions in social studies and science.

Anna Thomas, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Accountability; Oxnard School District

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Recognized by educators and industry leaders nationwide

Badge for an SIIA award

SIIA Codie Winner

Badge for an Tech and Learning award

Awards of Excellence Winner

Badge for an TCA award

TCA for the Classroom

Badge for an ISTE award

ISTE Best of show

Badge for an SIIA award

SIIA Codie Winner

Badge for an SIIA award

SIIA Codie Winner

myON News

myON News provides K–8 students with age-appropriate news articles. Students learn about the world around them as they develop stronger digital and media literacy skills!

Recommended research and resources about our reading platform

Special reports, guides & more

research foundation for myON cover document


Research foundation for myON

To strengthen students’ reading comprehension skills, myON was developed based on three key principles: accessibility; autonomy and differentiation; and feedback and learning analytics.

kids reading on the floor of a library


The magic of 15 minutes

Multiple studies reveal the powerful connection between students’ reading behaviors and their academic achievement.

what kids are reading book cover


What kids are reading

The world’s largest annual study of K–12 student reading habits reveals key factors for accelerating growth.

Trends in Student Outcome Measures


Trends in Student Outcome Measures

This research study examines patterns of positive growth for students using myON.

myON Product brochure


myON product brochure

See how myON transforms learning for every student

On-demand Webinar image


On-demand Webinar

Explore how myON supports students’ oral reading fluency.

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Common funding sources for myON

Schools and districts typically use one or more of the sources below to purchase myON.

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ESSA and federal funding

Federal Funds for myON

myON can help schools meet goals under ESSA and qualify for formula and competitive funds. Schools and districts can use the following federal funds to purchase myON:

Find correlations, guidance documents, and other funding resources

Visit Renaissance’s comprehensive funding page for additional support.

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