Star Phonics

Research has documented that mastering phonics skills is critical for learning to read. Star Phonics is a web-based assessment that helps teachers determine how well students are developing phonics skills. It takes only 2-5 minutes per student to administer.

Star Phonics measures a student’s understanding of 12 common phonics skills and 102 target skills. Teachers can get specific diagnostic information with insights into which phonics skills need instruction and exactly where a student is struggling. This helps teachers intervene early to tailor and guide phonics instruction for individual students, small groups, or whole classes.

Star Phonics is designed for all students in grades 1-6 and for older students who continue to struggle in reading. It can be aligned with your student’s school or district reading curriculum.

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Be sure to check with your student’s teacher for information about how Star Phonics is helping your student grow, and how you can support their efforts at home!

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