March 22, 2021

Lalilo’s innovative literacy program to be introduced as a comprehensive support of foundational literacy for early grade teachers and students

Bloomington, Minn. (Mar. 22, 2021)Renaissance, a global leader in technology-enhanced literacy, announces the addition of Lalilo, a ground-breaking research-based foundational literacy program, to its portfolio.

Designed for K–2 students, Lalilo supports foundational literacy instruction through innovative research-based technology that drives engagement, reporting that provides a wealth of learning data and performance metrics, and planning tools that provide teachers the ability to review student progress and assign practice in specific skills to match classroom curriculum. Lalilo leads students through a standards-aligned series of engaging lessons to perfect pre-reading and reading skills, including phonological awareness, phonics, word work, comprehension, and grammar.

“Renaissance has long been the leader of technology-enhanced literacy with our practice and assessment programs Accelerated Reader, myON, Star, and Freckle. Reading to learn has been our area of expertise for 35 years,” said Todd Brekhus, chief product officer at Renaissance. “With the addition of Lalilo, we will deliver an exceptional solution to our most common customer request—that we provide a powerful early learning solution to support students who are learning to read.”

Lalilo provides students with a comprehensive, supportive digital learning environment to promote independence and proficiency, providing them with the best opportunity to master the skills necessary to become lifelong readers. Its systematic phonics approach to building foundational literacy based on the latest research on the science of reading instruction enriches Renaissance’s commitment to continued innovation and serving early literacy teachers.

Lalilo was founded in 2016 in Paris, France, by three graduates of the prestigious École Polytechnique with a goal of ending illiteracy. Lalilo has brought together teachers, experts in pedagogy, designers, and technologists who work hand-in-hand to build the best classroom resources for educators and students. Each month, more than 50,000 teachers and 362,000 students complete several million exercises in the United States and France.

“Lalilo is designed to work as a complement to any teacher’s instructional method and curriculum, and supports students in elements that are critical to success in literacy learning,” said Laurent Jolie, co-founder of Lalilo. “Together, Renaissance and Lalilo share a similar mission of accelerating learning for all children—no matter where learning happens. We are excited to join Renaissance and expand the reach of Lalilo to help children worldwide develop essential skills for literacy success.”

Lalilo customers will continue to receive the support and service they have come to expect and love from the company. Existing Renaissance customers can look forward to learning more about Lalilo in the months ahead.

About Renaissance

As a global leader in assessment, reading, and math solutions for pre-K–12 schools and districts, Renaissance is committed to providing educators with insights and resources to accelerate growth and help all students build a strong foundation for success. Renaissance solutions are used in over one-third of US schools and in more than 100 countries worldwide. The Renaissance portfolio includes Star Assessments, for reliable, accurate insights into K–12 student learning; myIGDIs, for accurate assessment of early learning; myON, to increase students’ access to high-quality reading materials; Accelerated Reader, to support independent reading practice; Freckle, for teacher-led differentiated instruction; and Schoolzilla, to give educators actionable insights into trends in student attendance and achievement. For more information, visit

About Lalilo

Lalilo’s mission is to end illiteracy, the number one education problem that affects young students and is proven to have a critical impact on their educational and professional future. Lalilo has built a revolutionary, adaptive program that helps every child learn how to read at their own pace and empowers teachers to personalize learning in any instructional environment.

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