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Renaissance’s Star 360 Assessment Solution Approved for Blended Learning Grant Program in Texas

Districts and charter schools participating in the Blended Learning Grant Program in the Lone Star State can use Star 360 as an approved assessment solution for reading and math

Bloomington, Minn. (Sept. 10, 2020)Renaissance, a global leader in pre-K–12 education technology, is excited to announce that Star 360 is an approved assessment solution for reading and math for districts and charter schools participating in the Blended Learning Grant Program (BLGP) in Texas.

The BLGP is a process to design, launch, and scale a high-quality blended learning program in Texas districts and charter schools. Beginning with a planning year, districts and charter schools grow the blended learning program from a subset of grades in year one to a full feeder pattern implementation in just four years. BLGP is managed with a focus on fidelity of implementation in both planning and execution, with the goal of designing and implementing a sustainable and high-quality program.

To be approved for the program, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) requires assessment solutions to show experience, expertise, and results in providing products that support a high-fidelity implementation of blended learning.

Renaissance’s Star 360—consisting of Star Reading, Star Math, and Star Early Literacy—are built on sound psychometric theory and years of careful research and development. Educators and students benefit from a wide range of actionable data that Star 360 delivers in an average of just 20 minutes of testing time. Plus, with the right planning and processes, educators can use Star 360 to gather formative reading and math data in a remote learning environment.

“We’re looking forward to continuing to partner with educators across the great state of Texas,” said Dr. Luann Bowen, Vice President of Government Affairs at Renaissance. “Through the BLGP, we’re determined to help ensure each educator involved in the program feels confident and has the data needed to guide their students to success.”

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As a global leader in assessment, reading, and math solutions for pre-K–12 schools and districts, Renaissance is committed to providing educators with insights and resources to accelerate growth and help all students build a strong foundation for success. Renaissance solutions are used in over one-third of US schools and in more than 100 countries worldwide. The Renaissance portfolio includes Star Assessments, for reliable, accurate insights into K–12 student learning; myIGDIs, for accurate assessment of early learning; myON, to increase students’ access to high-quality reading materials; Accelerated Reader, to support independent reading practice; Freckle, for teacher-led differentiated instruction; and Schoolzilla, to give educators actionable insights into trends in student attendance and achievement. For more information, visit

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