Get valid and reliable
reading data in minutes.

STAR Reading is by far the most widely used reading assessment in K12 schools. Educators get valid, reliable, actionable data in about 15 minutes.


STAR assessments are highly rated for screening by the NCRTI, and for progress monitoring by the NCII.

Assess 46 reading skills in 11 domains.

STAR Reading's research-based test items meet the highest standards for reliability and validity, giving you the actionable data you need in four major skill areas:

  • Foundational Skills
  • Reading Informational Text
  • Reading: Literature
  • Language

STAR Reading’s research-based test items meet the highest standards for reliability and validity, giving you the actionable data you need in five domains: word knowledge and skills, analyzing literary text, understanding author’s craft, comprehension strategies and constructing meaning, and analyzing argument and evaluating text.

Computer-adaptive reliability and efficiency.

STAR assessments are computer adaptive, using sophisticated item calibration and psychometrics to dynamically adjust to each student’s unique responses. Fully supported by extensive research, they are easy to administer and yield the valid, reliable, actionable data educators need.

Sample Items Reports

Learning progressions chart a path forward.

Core Progress learning progressions for reading tell you what students know and what they are ready to learn next on an empirically validated learning continuum. They map the inter-related prerequisite skills needed to further conceptual understanding and provide resources to help students achieve mastery. Two editions are available in STAR Reading—Core Progress and Core Progress for Common Core—to optimize alignment with each state’s standards.

Learning Progressions Reading Dashboard

Learning Progressions in
STAR Reading

Learning Progressions in STAR Reading

New tools and content help improve instruction.

STAR Reading includes new skills-based test items and new in-depth reports for screening, instructional planning, progress monitoring, and state standards for college and career readiness benchmarking. Educators have immediate access to skill-specific, actionable data to target instruction and practice, select students for intervention, and predict performance on summative exams. STAR is also the first to report Student Growth Percentile, a widely accepted growth measurement.

STAR Reading and
Student Growth Percentile

STAR Reading andStudent Growth Percentile

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