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Use Learning Progressions to Fuel Student Success

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Formative assessment is critical for showing us what students have and have not learned. However, assessment data does not always provide clear, actionable steps for how best to move learning forward.

One way to use formative data more effectively is in conjunction with a quality learning progression, which provides a GPS-like view into how learning typically develops over time and where there are potential roadblocks.

In this session, Dr. Karin Hess shows you how to use learning progressions most effectively in your district to maximize the instructional value of your formative data. Topics include:

  • How progressions connect daily learning targets with long-term expectations
  • How progressions help you better monitor student progress and scaffold learning
  • How to use progressions to promote student agency


Karin Hess, EdD, has extensive experience developing practical approaches for using learning progressions as the foundation for formative, interim, and performance assessments. She was formerly a senior associate at the Center for Assessment and has worked with multiple US states to develop grade-level learning expectations and test specifications.

She is the author, most recently, of A Local Assessment Toolkit to Promote Deeper Learning: Transforming Research into Practice (2018).

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Use Learning Progressions to Fuel Student Success