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Predicting Performance on High-Stakes Tests

Run time: 39:30

As an education leader, your goal is to give students a solid foundation for success. But how do you determine whether each student is truly on the pathway to proficiency?

Watch this session to see how Star Assessments help you to accurately forecast student performance on high-stakes tests, including state summative tests and college entrance exams. You’ll discover:

  • Why it’s critical to forecast student performance
  • Which data points we use in the forecast—and how we ensure accuracy
  • Which high-stakes tests are covered
  • Where to see forecasts and how to interpret the data

Whether you’re new to Star Assessments or have been using Star for years, you’re sure to discover insights to support your mission of providing the right support at the right time so every student can learn and achieve.


Eric Stickney is Senior Director of Educational Research at Renaissance. He specializes in analyzing reading and mathematics data collected from millions of students in the US and around the world.

Louise Hansen is Product Marketing Manager for Star Assessments. She worked in K–12 education for 15 years, and formerly served as a trainer and data coach at Renaissance.

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Predicting Performance on High-Stakes Tests