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How Learning Progressions Show the Way Forward

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For years, educators have relied on learning progressions for planning instruction and addressing gaps in student learning. But many still have questions. How are progressions created? Who determines the skills’ order? And how do you know a progression truly aligns with your state’s standards?

View this session for answers to these questions. You’ll also discover how learning progressions:

  • Map the path forward for all students—no matter their starting point
  • Balance the teachable order of skills with your state’s requirements
  • Show you prerequisite skills within and across domains, along with the most critical skills at each grade level
  • Help you balance grade-level instruction with a focus on students’ specific learning needs


Diana Blythe is Vice President of Content Development at Renaissance. In this role, she oversees research and development for Renaissance’s fifty state-specific learning progressions.

Julianne Robar is Content Program Manager at Renaissance. She leads the development of the state-specific learning progressions and the Renaissance Universal Skills Pool.

Rita Wright is National Academic Advisor at Renaissance. A former teacher and administrator, she has extensive experience advising schools and districts on educational technology.

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How Learning Progressions Show the Way Forward