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Connecting Assessment to Instruction for English Learners

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According to NCES data, more than 3.5 million Spanish-speaking English Learners attend US schools. To support these students effectively, it’s critical that you distinguish between (a) skills they haven’t mastered, and (b) skills they’ve mastered in Spanish but cannot yet demonstrate in English.

But how do you get this information? And, more importantly, how do you act on it once you have it?

Watch this session for answers to these and other key questions about supporting your district’s English Learners. You’ll discover:

  • How to efficiently assess these students in both English and Spanish
  • How to compare students’ performance to others in the same grade and at the same English proficiency level
  • How to best use assessment data to target instruction to each learner’s needs
  • How Renaissance Star Assessments® in English and Spanish give you a more complete picture on every student—no matter their starting point


Carol Johnson is a bilingual educator and National Education Officer at Renaissance. She holds a PhD in Second Language Acquisition & Teaching, specializing in how people learn second languages.

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Connecting Assessment to Instruction for English Learners