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Best Practices for Remote Testing

Run time: 58:00

Last spring, many schools had to quickly transition from face-to-face to online instruction. This raised a number of questions—especially around whether and how to assess students remotely.

In this webinar, the assessment director at an online education provider shares tips for using Star Assessments in a remote learning environment. You’ll get a clear understanding of the “do’s” and “don’ts” of remote testing, along with insights on:

  • When to schedule remote test administrations
  • How to ensure a proper testing environment
  • How to monitor students as they test
  • When to allow testing accommodations
  • Where to get resources to support remote administration of Star


Andy Frost is Vice President of Assessment Product Management at Renaissance. He has worked in assessment and educational technology for more than 15 years, in a variety of leadership roles.

John Kantz is Assessment Program Manager at K12, Inc., a provider of online learning systems and educational services for virtual schools.

Katie McClarty, PhD, is Vice President of Research and Design at Renaissance. She is the former Chief Assessment Officer at Questar and co-editor of the book Preparing Students for College and Careers: Theory, Measurement, and Educational Practice (2017).

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Best Practices for Remote Testing