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What can you expect - an overview

Renaissance and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) are working together to transition individual school accounts with Renaissance to a new, district-wide site. In addition, all schools within LAUSD will begin using the Renaissance Growth Platform, which provides access to exciting new features and enhanced reporting.

This page has the links and resources to help you get started on the new LAUSD district site and to navigate the Renaissance Growth Platform.

Please Note: Your old site will not be deactivated or removed, however, the ability to access subscriptions and historical data is currently unavailable. Additional details will be forthcoming regarding your previous school site.

Getting started - How do I login?

Logging in to your Renaissance site is now much easier!

Teachers and students may now login to the Renaissance application by logging in through Clever or Schoology, and clicking the Renaissance tile.

Most users will login to Renaissance using Schoology.  Click here for a video on how to access Renaissance programs in Schoology, or visit the LAUSD LMS page for more information.

Younger students may benefit from using the Clever portal or badging to access their Renaissance programs.  Click here for more information on Clever and Clever Badging.

For directions on how to set up your Renaissance products, click here.

Accelerated Reader upgrade support video playlists:

Resources to support you

  1. Overview video
    Get a preview of what to expect after you upgrade to the Renaissance Growth Platform.
  2. Tips from other educators
    To assist with a successful Renaissance Growth Platform™ upgrade experience, follow these tips from other educators who have already completed the upgrade process.
  3. Step-by-step videos
    Watch a playlist of short videos that walk you through the user experience on the Renaissance Growth Platform. You can watch the videos in any order; simply select the topic that you want more information on.
  4. Toolkit
    Access the toolkit for FAQs and resources to help you successfully navigate the Renaissance Growth Platform. Select which Renaissance product(s) you use and if your role: Administrator or Teacher/Staff.
  5. Crosswalk documents
    Download the crosswalk documents to help you accomplish key tasks with your Renaissance product(s).

Questions? Reach out to our Customer Support team

We’re here to support you throughout the entire process. Please bookmark this page for future reference and share the link with your colleagues.

For LAUSD specific questions please email: [email protected]

For general questions about the new Renaissance Growth Platform please contact us via: