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Struggling Readers

Struggling Readers Guide

Because Reading Shouldn’t Be a Struggle

Explore the critical role reading practice plays in turning struggling readers into successful ones, and get research-driven best practices for leveraging the power of reading practice to help struggling readers accelerate their learning and achieve success.

10 Staggering Statistics About Struggling Readers

Did you know students who start the year struggling, but end the year successful, read only six minutes more than students who start and end the year as struggling readers?

Watch this quick, informative video to get more eye-opening facts about struggling readers and reading practice. You’ll discover:

  • How much time per day do students need to spend reading to grow their reading skills
  • What research-driven strategy helped students to read 35% more minutes per day
  • How does reading ability affect student performance in math and science
10 Staggering Statistics About Struggling Readers