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English and Spanish Reading Development

Build literacy skills and engagement with book choices, text supports, and monitoring tools for students reading in English or Spanish.

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Empower reading skill development in English, Spanish or both languages

Know reading levels, interests, and preferences

Students engage in reading more when the text topic, format, and difficulty level are just right for their needs.

Ensure access to
a variety of

Promote engagement and vocabulary development with choices in reading material across a variety of genres.

Provide reading scaffolds and supports

Enhance reading fluency, improve comprehension, and build vocabulary with tools like dictionaries and audio support.

Monitor practice and growth

Keep track of reading activity and progress to encourage positive reading habits and celebrate success.

Independent Reading

Engage in reading practice

Book recommendations based on interests and level provide students with choices to swiftly get them into their next book.

Thousands of English and Spanish texts

Digital books and articles are at students’ fingertips anytime, anywhere—or they can read and quiz on books from your library.

Reading scaffolds and supports

Audio narration, highlighting, and in-text dictionaries help students maintain fluency and acquire vocabulary.

Track growth toward goals

Use monitoring tools and reports to check student reading activity and keep students on the path to success.


Books opened my eyes to the possibilities that were potentially mine. Reading gave me the skill necessary to conquer those possibilities.

– Sonia Sotomayor

Renaissance solutions support ESSA goals

Formula and competitive funds can help you meet your program goals and initiative outcomes. Funding sources to consider:

  • Title funds
  • 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant
  • General assessment funds

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