Renaissance Results

Renaissance Results

Professional Development for teacher teams
to get results you want—with the data you have

Whether you’re organizing professional development for the first time or a teacher continuing your education, you already understand learning is an incremental process. Are you using your data to get better and better results over time?

Provide a framework for your team to soar

Learn to implement a collaborative framework that equips teachers and administrators with a systematic method for connecting data to instruction:

  1. Give a short assessment
  2. Compare results from the same data
  3. Identify trends and universal problems
  4. Create a SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-based) goal to specifically address problems
  5. Take this insight back to instruction
  6. Assess again
  7. Compare second round of results

Expert guidance to supercharge results

Your Renaissance Results coach will guide your team along the way until this cycle of data collecting, synthesizing, and applying becomes second nature. This intensive blend of in-person and remote training gives your team lots of consulting time to work out the system that is best for you.

Results you can expect after completing your
professional development

Change your culture, create teams of happier teachers, enjoy increased collaboration, and boost learning and scores.


Ready to improve your results and teacher experiences?

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