myON® Reader Professional Development Sessions

myON Reader PD sessions are customized to support each school or district's unique implementation plan and goals. Download a list of myON Reader PD session samples or reach out to your Account Executive for a customized plan that meets your needs.

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Customized to your needs

Renaissance offers a blended approach for myON Reader professional development. Onsite and remote sessions are offered to meet the needs of various schedules, goals, and staffing.

Onsite sessions

Onsite sessions provide educators with face to face PD with one of our expert consultants. These sessions can accommodate groups of approximately 20 participants within a 6-hour block of time on the selected date. The 6-hour session can be customized to meet the needs of multiple groups.

Remote Sessions

Remote sessions require a 2- to 3-hour block of time. These sessions are for approximately 20 participants and are delivered via conferencing software by an expert consultant or coach. They include content and activities that engage participants in learning more about myON Reader and what steps to take to further their implementation.

What are the levels of implementation?

Level 1

Learners access books and regularly login. A love of reading is fostered, and programs such as independent reading, a virtual library, and personalized literacy are possible.

Level 2

Educators use myON Reader analytics for data driven decision-making and action-based learning-research. System features are used to inform teaching and learning and improve student achievement on an ongoing basis.

Level 3

Educators use myON Reader for instruction to connect with standards and align with curriculum. Benchmarks are administered and the creation of book lists, writing tasks and checklists support literacy learning.

Level 4

myON Reader becomes an integral part of comprehensive district-wide and school-wide efforts. myON Reader is part of daily instruction and embedded into multiple initiatives and programs.

myON Reader Implementation Planning Matrix

Review the implementation planning matrix to see what myON Reader professional development sessions fit your needs.

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