Online or Virtual Professional Learning

Connect to professional learning that fits your learning style

Engage in your professional learning with our exceptional online or virtual services. From product embedded online resources like Renaissance Smart Start™ to interactive, content rich Virtual Onsite Seminars, we can connect you to the knowledge and strategies you need to implement your Renaissance solutions with success.

Fits your schedule

Access professional learning content and strategies you need, when you need it. Renaissance online and virtual professional development services let you fit your learning in when it makes sense to you and your teachers.


Connect data to your instruction

Renaissance expert coaches partner with you through virtual or online services to guide you through understanding and applying strategies gained from the rich data your Renaissance solutions provide.

Renaissance Smart Start™

Whether you are a brand-new user of Renaissance solutions, or just need a refresher, Renaissance Smart Start™ provides you with quick guides, tutorials, and activities to give you foundational best practice training. Renaissance Smart Start is easy to use, and best of all, accessed from your Renaissance Home Page.

Implementation and Data Coaching

Implementation and Data Coaching empower teachers to analyze data from their Renaissance solutions and make decisions to improve teaching and student learning in the classroom. Your Renaissance Coach will be available via call, chat, or email to your core implementation team as well as work directly with your teachers to help turn insight into action that drives instruction.

Implementation and Data Coaching provides:

  • Facilitated data conversations so educators can fully understand how to analyze student data
  • Data-based action plans for differentiating instruction and intervention
  • A dedicated Renaissance Coach who understands unique site needs
  • Flexible scheduling options to reduce disruptions in the school day

VIDEO: The Power of Coaching

Online learning “ participating teachers opportunities to practice what they learn over relatively extended periods of time...and provides a level of convenience that conventional professional development does not.”

Harwell, 2003

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Virtual Onsite Seminars

Virtual Onsite Seminars are a cutting edge way to deepen your knowledge of Renaissance products to achieve intended outcomes. These seminars emulate an in-person experience via enhanced 3D technology with engaging activities and discussions.

Virtual Onsite Seminars provide:

  • Interactive training on a variety of topics for up to 30 attendees to effectively implement Renaissance solutions
  • A personalized experience with content delivered by one of our experts
  • A 90-minute session that covers one of the topics listed below

Virtual Onsite Seminar Topics and Descriptions:

Introduction to Renaissance Accelerated Reader 360

Description: This initial introduction to Accelerated Reader 360 will help you zero in on literacy goals and priorities, and show you how this product can make those goals a reality for both independent and instructional reading. You will experience the software from both the student and the teacher perspective and begin planning for how you would like to implement in your classroom.

Maximizing Instructional Reading with Renaissance Accelerated Reader 360

Description: Students need a great deal of exposure to informational text to gain the skills they will need for content area studies and high stakes assessments. Accelerated Reader has a wealth of content to support this important skill development. This session will show you how to find articles by grade, topic, readability level, and skill. You will also learn how to analyze data for instructional reading, and use this to plan whole group and small group instruction, as well as infuse informational reading into students’ independent practice.

Maximizing Independent Practice with Renaissance Accelerated Math 2.0

Description: In this “how-to” session that goes beyond an introduction of Accelerated Math 2.0, you will explore the software and classroom routines for successful implementation. Participants will also learn to monitor student progress and effectively conference with students. Differences between DOK levels, and how to identify strategies for facilitating robust DOK mathematical discourse will be discussed.

Introduction to Renaissance Star 360 Assessments

Description:In this introductory session, we will explain the purpose of Star assessments, and how they differ from other assessments you may be using. We will explore the data generated and how it can be put to use in your classroom. Testing fidelity will be covered so that you can be successful with your first test administration.

Instructional Planning and Progress Monitoring with Renaissance Star 360

Description:This session will specifically address using data and resources with Star for progress monitoring and instructional planning. You will learn to start with universal screening, identify factors that impact student growth, set progress monitoring goals, and take action to accelerate learning.

Maximizing Independent Reading with Renaissance Accelerated Reader 360

Description: Guided independent reading practice is critical to student growth. In this “how-to” session that goes beyond an introduction, we’ll discuss the importance of independent reading, and demonstrate how to identify the best resources for your students. You will learn how to navigate the software that best supports these critical practices, and monitor student’s progress.

Introduction to Renaissance Accelerated Math 2.0

Description: In this introductory session, you will explore the essential principles of an effective math classroom, and understand how Accelerated Math can help to implement them. This overview will cover the basic capabilities of Accelerated Math 2.0. You will experience the software from both the student and teacher perspective so that you can set custom implementation goals for your classroom.

Understanding Renaissance Accelerated Math 2.0 Data

Description: How do you use data to make instructional decisions in your math class? This session will teach you how to connect Accelerated Math 2.0 data to day-to-day instruction, and to intervene when necessary. Different grouping strategies will be explored to facilitate differentiated math practice.

Understanding Renaissance Star 360 Assessment Data

Description: Are you comfortable interpreting your Star data? Do you know which reports and scores are appropriate for specific purposes? This session is all about understanding the powerful data Star provides in order to inform your instruction. We will also explore structures for collaboration with data via your PLCs or grade level teams.

Working with Renaissance Star Custom

Description: This session will explore the importance of formative assessment and how Star Custom can help you quickly and easily assign short formative assessment tests and quickly help analyze results to inform your instruction. You will also understand how Star Custom tests contribute to mastery calculations.

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