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Online or Virtual Professional Learning

Connect to professional learning that fits your learning style

Engage in your professional learning with our exceptional online or virtual services. From product embedded online resources like Renaissance Smart Start™ to interactive, content rich Virtual Onsite Seminars, we can connect you to the knowledge and strategies you need to implement your Renaissance solutions with success.

Fits your schedule

Access professional learning content and strategies you need, when you need it. Renaissance online and virtual professional development services let you fit your learning in when it makes sense to you and your teachers.

Connect data to your instruction

Renaissance expert coaches partner with you through virtual or online services to guide you through understanding and applying strategies gained from the rich data your Renaissance solutions provide.

Coaching services

Renaissance coaching provides an interactive learning experience designed to help you reach your implementation goals. Depending on your needs and intended outcomes, you'll engage in data conversations focused on applying learning analytics to classroom instruction or learn about a specific topic to advance your implementation. The learning doesn't end there; follow up your coaching session by trying out the job-embedded application and reflection activities suggested by your coach.

Renaissance Coaching provides:

  • Facilitated data conversations and structured learning experiences so educators can fully understand how to make the most of their Renaissance products
  • Suggested activities for extending your learning through guided and job-embedded applications
  • A dedicated Renaissance Coach who understands unique site needs
  • Flexible scheduling options to reduce disruptions in the school day

VIDEO: The Power of Coaching

Online learning “ participating teachers opportunities to practice what they learn over relatively extended periods of time...and provides a level of convenience that conventional professional development does not.”

Harwell, 2003

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Virtual Learning Sessions

Deepen your knowledge of effective implementation strategies with convenient, engaging learning sessions that fit easily into any schedule. Get professional learning that demonstrates best practices for effective product use, answers your questions, and guides you toward achieving your desired outcomes.

Virtual Learning Sessions provide:

  • Interactive training on a variety of topics for up to 30 attendees to effectively implement Renaissance solutions
  • A personalized experience with content delivered by one of our experts
  • A 90-minute session covering a specific implementation topic

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