New Renaissance report shows schools’ success in reversing the academic impact of COVID-19.

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In-person Professional Learning

Onsite and in-person professional development to meet your unique goals

With in-person professional development, our expert Renaissance consultants model best classroom practices for teachers with hands-on experience to deepen implementation. Seminars, full day team training, site visits, job-embedded coaching, and data consulting for your district all provide deep understanding tailored to your needs.

Effective learning

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) tells us that effective professional development is defined as job embedded, ongoing, and sustainable learning and support. Your onsite services are planned to give the exact support you need, where you need it most: in the classroom.

Involve leaders

Onsite professional development can involve your whole team—from district leaders to your teaching team. Ensure everyone is on board with the best strategy to yield optimum results for students and learn how to support your strategy.

Custom Onsite Seminars

Renaissance Consultants model best classroom practices, introduce classroom strategies, and provide teachers with hands on experience to deepen implementation of Renaissance solutions.

Custom Onsite Seminars provide:

  • Interactive training to prepare teachers to effectively implement Renaissance solutions
  • A full-day event for one group of participants or two half-day sessions for two groups
  • Seminar content tailored to the experience of the group and expected outcomes for use of the product

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Leadership Onsite Seminars

Arm your educational leaders with the steps needed to deepen implementation and achieve your intended outcomes. These seminars foster collaboration while equipping leaders with the knowledge of how to use data to inform decisions.

Leadership Onsite Seminars provide:

  • Tailored for administrators to effectively lead implementation of Renaissance solutions
  • Development of clear strategies to achieve intended goals of the implementation
  • A full-day event for one group of participants, or two half-day sessions for two groups

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“The likelihood that strategies will be implemented in classrooms increases from 10% to 87% when teachers receive coaching and feedback.”

Joyce & Showers

Implementation Site Visits

Designed to provide a clear picture to teachers and school leaders of the current level of implementation of their Renaissance solutions, this service allows teachers to engage in professional learning with little to no need of hiring substitute teachers. Job embedded consulting provides an expert Renaissance Consultant to work with groups of teachers during their planning time, or one on one right in their classroom.

Implementation Site Visits provide:

A customized experience to facilitate data review, collect evidence of effective implementation via classroom visits, and identify next steps to deepen implementation toward intended school goals. Site visits are a full-day per school or a half-day for two schools.

Teachers will be supported during the Implementation Site Visit through:

  • Small group training sessions
  • Classroom observation and coaching
  • Facilitated data analysis
  • Modeling of instructional strategies and best practices

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