Blended Professional Learning

Create a blend that balances your school’s needs with busy schedules.

With a blended approach, our Renaissance experts are ready to help you to learn best practices and connect data to instruction with a combination of in-person, online, or virtual services. Renaissance-U®, Renaissance Results™, Strategic Planning, Monitoring, and Reporting, and Champions’ Academy all provide deep understanding tailored to your needs when and where you need it.


Best of both worlds

Get the support you need when you need it, and make progress at your own pace. Blended learning isn’t just for your students, it’s for your teachers and leaders too.


In-house expertise

Strengthen your implementation by empowering your teachers to become champions in your school to serve as onsite experts for colleagues.


Renaissance-U offers award winning, online, 24/7 professional development. You'll get personalized ongoing support, along with access to training sessions, videos, and activities that are available where and when you need them.

Renaissance-U for assessment, reading and math provides:

  • On-demand professional learning for Renaissance solutions accessible 24/7, providing deep understanding of Renaissance products and best practices
  • Facilitated data conversations for grade level or department data teams
  • A dedicated Renaissance Coach that tailors a yearlong learning plan to the goals you have for implementation and professional learning
  • Engaging online tutorials, videos, and activities that explain and demonstrate effective classroom strategies
  • An Accelerated Teaching Course and Classroom Data Connections Course included with purchase of any assessment, math, or reading course suite

Renaissance Results

Whether you’re organizing professional development for the first time or a teacher continuing your education, you already understand learning is an incremental process. Are you using your data to get better and better results over time?

Champions' Academy

Champions' Academy is a “train the trainer model” that allows you to build internal expertise and capacity to achieve and sustain deep implementation. A core implementation team will be prepared to provide professional learning for their colleagues, leveraging the content of Renaissance-U, and monitor data to ensure schools are achieving their intended goals.The blended delivery model combines benefits of in-person and voice-to-voice training, supported by Renaissance-U®.

Champions' Academy provides:

  • Training for a core team to support successful implementation of Renaissance solutions, leveraging content and activities of Renaissance-U
  • Three daylong sessions over the course of the year
  • Deep knowledge of best practices for effective implementation
  • On-demand access to the Renaissance coach for the core implementation team

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Strategic Planning, Monitoring, and Reporting
(District level service)

Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Reporting fosters clear communication of expectations from the district to schools. It prepares district leaders to deepen implementations and ID actions needed to achieve intended outcomes.

Strategic Planning, Monitoring, and Reporting provides:

  • Clear communication of data expectations from the district to its schools
  • Prepares district leaders to deepen implementations and identify actions needed to achieve intended outcomes
  • Strategies for district leaders to insure that Renaissance are being deeply and properly implemented

Strategic Planning, Monitoring, and Reporting PLUS offers the extra benefit of Renaissance Implementation and Data Coaching at the district level.

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“A commitment to professional learning is important, not because teaching is of poor quality and must be ‘fixed,’ but rather because teaching is so hard that we can always improve it.”


Project Management Services

Project Management provides:

  • A clear, customized project plan with implementation goals, timelines, and deliverables
  • Seamless coordination of technical and professional development services
  • Execution of the project plan with ongoing monitoring
  • A single-point-of-contact with a Project Manager to address any challenges

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