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Welcome Parent Teacher Organizations

Are you wondering how your parent organization can help support Renaissance® Programs?


Parent Teacher Organizations

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Welcome, Parent Teacher Organizations

Are you wondering how your parent organization can help support Renaissance® Programs?

Parent Teacher Organizations

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How can our PTO help build engagement with Renaissance programs?

Parent organizations have been the backbone of many successful Renaissance implementations. Work with your school to determine if any of the following ideas would be a fit for your organization:

  • Coordinating volunteer programs to help manage Renaissance implementations within your child’s school
  • Hosting family nights to showcase Renaissance programs and how they’re used in the classroom
  • Encouraging members to support teachers by promoting literacy and math practice activities at home with their own children

Our PTO is looking for local funding to help support our Renaissance programs. Where do we start?

Many local businesses and associations are happy to make donations that benefit schools and the community. Sources include:

  • Local retailers, services, and media companies
  • Clubs or civic organizations such as Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary Club, and Junior League
  • Professional membership organizations such as medical and dental associations and real estate councils

Local contributions are based on relationships and trust, so start with a list of the places you and your fellow parents do business. Together you can cast a wide net to make personal contacts and nurture relationships. This also provides the opportunity to present smaller requests for specific purposes to businesses and organizations which may be more appealing to your donors.


Our PTO would like to plan a fundraising event to support Renaissance programs. We could use a great idea and ways to promote it.

Hosting your own event is a great way to get more parents and children involved in increasing community awareness of your school’s needs—especially when you have the right promotion. Popular events include:

  • Food and craft sales, holiday fairs, rummage sales, auctions, or raffles (be sure to check both local and state gaming regulations for raffles)
  • Exhibition games, fun runs, or “thons” (read-a-thons, walk-a-thons, dance-a-thons, etc.)
  • Services (car washes, lawn mowing, babysitting, etc.)
  • Loyalty or Scrip programs*

To promote your event, go digital:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Newsletters and blogs
  • School website

Your favorite platform is a perfect way to get your message out, invite attendance, and send regular updates and reminders.

*Renaissance is not affiliated with Great Lakes Scrip Center.


What should our PTO look for when researching online fundraising sites?

The benefits to online fundraising are its efficiency, reach, and cost effectiveness.

When choosing a fundraising site, research your options. Make sure to:

  • Investigate fees
  • Evaluate the payment options
  • Understand how and when you’ll receive your donations

Here are some popular fundraising sites many organizations use:**

**Renaissance is not affiliated with these fundraising organizations.

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