RTI: 3 Key Insights Shaping the Next Generation

Run time: 58:45

Join Dr. Jan Bryan for a lively look at three important insights gleaned from the latest research and observations on RTI. These findings are the foundation to any successful RTI program.

Topics covered include:

  • Lessening the distance between assessment and informed instruction
  • A next-generation look at screening and benchmarks from several helpful perspectives
  • The #1 variable in student achievement, and how teachers can master it
  • Student growth: the latest findings on time, intensity, and metrics in progress monitoring


Dr. Jan Bryan

Jan Bryan, Ed.D., is Vice President and National Education Officer for Renaissance. Dr. Bryan holds the Ed.D. in curriculum and instruction from Texas Tech University, with emphasis in literacy development and educational psychology. She is an engaging, highly knowledgeable speaker on early childhood education, assessment, non-cognitive aspects of learning, and teacher expertise.