Creating a Math Culture:
Insights from Principals
and Teachers

Run time: 55:29

Watch our accomplished panel of two principals and two teachers sharing practical ideas for creating a math culture in your school. You'll learn time-tested techniques that will help you lay the foundation for long-term success:

  • Practical advice on turning classrooms and schools into math communities
  • How to set up physical environments, keep students engaged, and get parents involved
  • How to get kids comfortable making mistakes, sharing ideas, and arguing productively
  • Questions submitted and answered live


Cedric Magee, Ph.D., Principal
Warren Central Junior High School, Vicksburg, MS

Sam Allison, Principal
New Hope Middle School, Columbus, MS

Lori Hancock, Teacher
Lexington Elementary School, Lexington, IN

Greg Meluson, Teacher
Washington Elementary School, Bergenfield, NJ