Making RTI Work for Middle and High School

Run time: 59:03

RTI strategies in the upper grades are different from those in the lower grades. But how and why? How can you embed effective RTI principles into subject classes—reducing or eliminating the need for scheduling separate intervention classes? And how can you improve growth, not only for struggling students but for ALL students in your content classes?

You'll learn all that and more from Dr. Denise Gibbs, author of RTI for Middle and High School: Strategies and Structures for Literacy Success and three other LRP publications. In this free webinar, participants will:

  • Learn three critical differences between RTI in elementary and upper grades
  • Solve the scheduling problem by embedding RTI principles into all content classes
  • Understand how content literacy strategies can foster growth for ALL students
  • See how tools like Star assessments enable and support effective RTI for upper grades


Gene Kerns

Denise Gibbs, Ed.D., taught for more than 25 years and serves as the Director of the Alabama Scottish Rite Foundation Learning Centers and as a dyslexia and RTI consultant to schools across the country. She is the author of four LRP publications including RTI for Middle and High School: Strategies and Structures for Literacy Success. She is a highly sought-after trainer and speaker on RTI professional development strategies and implementation.


Learn proven strategies for RTI success in the upper grades. Plus, discover how to improve growth for all students.