Reinvent Everything: How to Implement a Mastery Approach

Run time: 56:51

Schools that adopt a mastery model of learning report higher student achievement and higher graduation rates. But moving from a traditional approach to a mastery approach can be daunting. What does this involve—and what’s the best way to get started?

In this engaging session, Dr. Gene Kerns covers the following:

  • Essential working definitions for a mastery approach
  • The relationship between mastery-based learning and personalized learning
  • Insights from early adopters
  • The three critical elements necessary for implementation
  • Simple ways to get started

Watch this session to learn practical ideas for implementing a mastery approach in your school. You’ll also see how Renaissance® solutions give you data and insights to support this approach—and spark phenomenal student growth.


Gene Kerns

Gene Kerns, EdD, is Chief Academic Officer at Renaissance and a nationally acclaimed speaker on learning progressions, K12 assessments, and educational standards. He is co-author of the new book Unlocking Student Talent: The New Science of Developing Expertise.