How Renaissance Star Spanish® informs instruction for English Learners

Run time: 11:53

Do you have questions about the performance of your native Spanish-speaking students? Watch this 12-minute recorded webinar to learn how you can gain deeper insights that will help you determine the best instruction to confidently meet their needs.

This webinar will show you:

  • Ways to build student confidence for Spanish-speaking English Learners
  • The benefit of testing students in both English and Spanish
  • An overview of the Renaissance Star Spanish mastery dashboard

Content by: 

Carol Johnson

Carol M. Johnson, Ph.D., is a bilingual educator and the creator of Renaissance English in a Flash®—the breakthrough vocabulary building software that helps struggling students learn the vocabulary they need to achieve in the classroom. In addition to her years of teaching experience, Carol holds a Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition & Teaching, specializing in how people learn second languages.