Unlocking Student Growth: The Power of Deliberate Reading Practice

Run time: 59:06

Each day, educators make decisions about how to structure student learning. But when it comes to reading practice, are we making the right decisions to maximize student growth?

To be truly effective, reading practice must be deliberate. In fact, K. Anders Ericsson, the leading authority on developing expertise, calls deliberate practice “the most powerful approach to learning that has yet been discovered.” The challenge, as author Geoff Colvin remarks, is that deliberate practice “isn’t what most of us do when we’re ‘practicing’”.

Watch this research-based session to learn practical tips for making reading practice more productive in your district. Topics include:

  • How to transform independent reading into deliberate practice
  • How reading quantity, challenge, and feedback make practice more effective
  • How text variety greatly affects student growth
  • How Renaissance® solutions promote deliberate reading practice for all students, no matter their starting point


Gene Kerns

Gene Kerns, EdD, is Chief Academic Officer at Renaissance and a nationally acclaimed speaker on learning progressions, K12 assessments, and educational standards. He is co-author of the new book Unlocking Student Talent: The New Science of Developing Expertise.

Lisa Lysne

Lisa Lysne is Senior Product Marketing Manager for Literacy at Renaissance. In this role, she works with educators across the US to support Accelerated Reader 360 best practices.