Are your students on track to meet ACT College Readiness Benchmarks?

We can help you find out. As a first step, we identified scores that are generally equivalent to the ACT® College Readiness Benchmarks1 by linking Renaissance Star Reading® and Renaissance Star Math® to the ACT college admissions test for English, reading, and mathematics. Find our linking technical report here.

Use the conversion tool below to apply this powerful linking information to track college readiness. For grades 6 and up, enter an Enterprise Scaled Score or percentile rank from Star Reading and/or Star Math to determine whether your student is on track to reach the targets ACT uses to indicate success in the first year of college.

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  • Scaled scores must be between 0 and 1400.
  • Percentile ranks must be between 1 and 99.

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The graph displays your student’s Star Reading and Star Math scores in relation to a trajectory of achievement through grade 11 (the year students most commonly take the ACT), and indicates performance associated with meeting the equivalent of ACT’s College Readiness Benchmarks.2 This line is estimated back to grade 6 to show a pathway over time.

Scores consistently in the blue shaded area indicate the student is likely on target to meet or exceed the ACT benchmarks for the subject area. The student should strive to maintain or increase performance to keep the benchmarks within reach.

Scores consistently below the blue shaded area suggest the student may not be on target to meet the ACT benchmarks for the subject area. The student should focus on improving performance to reach the pathway to the benchmarks.

1 ACT is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc. ACT’s benchmarks represent a 50% probability of getting a “B” or higher in freshman-level college courses.
Note: Estimates do not guarantee performance on the ACT.


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