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Star Assessment product brochure

Star Assessment Product Brochure

Optimize learning with Star Assessments®

A stable growth measure with trustworthy tools to guide educators and move students forward toward college and career readiness.


Renaissance Star 360® includes interim assessments for early literacy, math, and reading (also available in Spanish), helping you determine the best instruction to meet the needs of all students. Each assessment produces valid, reliable data and can be completed in about a third of the time it takes to complete other benchmark and interim assessments. Renaissance Star Custom®, a formative assessment tool, gives educators daily insight into student performance.

Powerful reports and dashboards provide at-a-glance insights. With Star 360, principals and other educators have easy access to the data they need to document growth, forecast performance on high-stakes tests, and optimize students’ progress toward college and career readiness.

Use the dashboard to review data at the student, group, or class level and at various time frames to determine what’s working, what isn’t, and how to focus attention to drive growth.

Mastery Model tracks student data from a wide variety of sources. Use the Monitor Mastery Dashboard to gain deeper insight into students’ level of mastery.

Side-by-side comparison of English and Spanish scores for reading, math, and early literacy to help determine if there are gaps between what these students know in Spanish and what they are able to demonstrate in English.


"Star assessments have empowered our instructional team with tools that assist our educators in making data-driven decisions regarding teaching and learning. This research-based assessment provides us with a high degree of confidence in its results as we analyze student achievement."

Principal Ginger Stewart

Concord Elementary School - Paducah, Kentucky