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Renaissance Flow 360 product brochure

Renaissance Flow 360 Product Brochure

Nurture student success with Renaissance Flow 360®

Assessment-driven instruction and practice program for maximizing pre-K–12 student growth.

What if you could spend less time on planning and analyzing data, and more time effectively scaling personalized learning for all students?

What if you could gather data from multiple sources to determine mastery?

Renaissance Flow 360 makes it possible.

You now have actionable insights into where every student is today, and what they’re ready to learn next, at any given moment.

Renaissance Flow 360 is designed to make assessment-driven personalized learning a reality.

It seamlessly bridges best-in-class assessment, planning, instruction and practice in one place, allowing you to drive and monitor growth for every student in your district.

This innovative program is driven by the power of connected data. It allows you to assess with accuracy in both English and Spanish, then plan with precision to identify the skills that students are ready to learn next, and instruct with insight leveraging the power of industry leading instructional providers. So, you can personalize practice with confidence for all your students.

Renaissance Flow 360 displays data in powerful, intuitive reports and dashboards making it easy to identify and track student achievement and growth.

The Renaissance® mastery model automates the tracking and reporting of student data from a wide variety of sources and converts that data into a unified measure of mastery for reading and math, helping teachers make timely and informed decisions about student learning.


Enhanced reporting for reading and math includes customizable reports that allow you to create just the right report at just the right time.

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