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Build English vocabulary skills in a flash

English in a Flash® helps develop the vocabulary necessary for academic success.


Renaissance English in a Flash® develops the vocabulary of English learners for academic success. After a short placement test, students build vocabulary—beyond conversational skills—to support them across the content areas.

English in a Flash helps English learners and low-vocabulary students learn high-frequency (monkey), low-frequency (orangutan) and content-area (mammal) vocabulary necessary for classroom success in about 15 minutes a day. Because words are used in context, students develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

As students progress through lessons, quizzes, and reviews, you’ll have feedback to personalize instruction, provide encouragement, and intervene effectively. Monitor vocabulary acquisition, determine class progress, keep parents involved, and guide students to appropriate books with a variety of reports.


"I have enjoyed using all products. I have especially enjoyed helping students with language barriers by working with English in a Flash."

Kathy Meyers

Saint Matthias Elementary - Columbus, OH