Inspire remarkable growth with personalized math facts practice

MathFacts in a Flash® helps students achieve fluency and commit math facts to long-term memory.


The ability to recall math facts instantly and accurately frees students’ learning capacity for more advanced concepts, including problem solving and algebraic thinking.

MathFacts in a Flash moves students through 71 levels of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and percents using a three-step process:

  1. Baseline test
    Students complete a 40-item timed test for each new math level. Immediate reporting shows their time and accuracy and identifies missed problems. This establishes a personalized baseline for each student.
  2. Personalized practice
    Students practice both new facts and facts they missed on the previous test. They receive immediate corrective feedback at the end of each practice session.
  3. Timed test for mastery
    Students complete a 40-item timed test until they answer all of the problems correctly within a set time period. They then advance automatically to the next level. Students can also review previously mastered levels and challenge their best test times.

MathFacts in a Flash is perfect for practice in grades 1-6 and intervention for grades 3-12. Students complete math facts practice and tests online using computers or tablets. They find the program fun and easy to use, making math facts practice an enjoyable part of learning.

Renaissance Home Connect allows students to practice math facts at home and keeps parents informed of their progress.

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"MathFacts in a Flash was invaluable for making facts stick with the students."

Darla Miller