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Release Notes

September 2020

Star Assessments
  • Knovation resources now available by default in Planner.Knovation is a content aggregator that creates, curates, and continually updates an index of Open Educational Resources (OERs). Content providers included are BetterLesson, CK-12 Foundation, Discovery Education, EngageNY, Khan Academy, PBS, ReadWriteThink, Sophia Learning, Texas Gateway, and many others.
  • Star CBM Reading (K-6)and Star CBM Math(K-3) are new products that assess the building blocks of reading and math with one-minute measures delivered directly to students online, printed, or in mixed format.

August 2020

The following products received updates.

Star Assessments
  • Star Computer Adaptive Test – The updated 2020-2021 Learning Progression released! NOTE: This clears out the mastery for Star assessments taken prior to the update.
  • Star Spanish
    • Star Spanish Goals:Users will be able to set Scaled Score goals in Star Spanish for all grades! The Spanish goals will appear on the Star Goal History and Star Student Progress Monitoring Reports. Percentile Rank and Student Growth Percentile goals are limited to the below grades:
      • Star Reading Spanish: Grades 1-8
      • Star Math Spanish: Grades 1-8
      • Star Early Literacy Spanish: Grades K-3
    • New Star Spanish Learning Progression, the first ever Spanish Learning Progression in the market!
    • Educators can use the Monitor Student Mastery Dashboard, Star States Standards Mastery – Class Report, Instructional Planning Reports, and the Star Diagnostic Report to view Star Spanish scores
    • Star Spanish SGP’s will now be included as an option on the Growth Report, Consolidated Assessment Proficiency Report, and My Created Reports.
      • SGP’s are available in Star Reading Spanish and Star Math Spanish for grades 1-8, and in Star Early Literacy Spanish for grades K-3.
Renaissance Growth Platform
  • The new Transfer Student Data feature provides the ability to retain students’ academic progress whenever students move between Renaissance Growth Platform sites.
  • Our new in-product Resource Center is a destination for key resources to help educators be successful. In this launch, the Getting Started section includes links to the Back-to-School resources, Upgrade Toolkit, and Star Assessments Toolkit.

July 2020

The following products received updates.

Star Assessments
  • Enhanced linking to Star Reports now in Schoolzilla Starter by selecting Other Reports from within a Metric Zoom, which will take users directly to the tab of the Reports area in the Renaissance portal.
Renaissance Growth Platform
  • District Screening Windows Introduced:
    • District screening windows are used by district level administrators and district staff to view assessment data at the district level in Schoolzilla and Schoolzilla Starter. A district screening window can include all schools in the district or a specific subset of schools.
    • By default, there are three District Screening Windows (Fall: 8/15–9/30, Winter: 12/1–1/15, Spring: 4/15–5/31).
  • Redesign of Classes & Courses Page:
    • Organized to quickly show the user all their classes with the ability to easily identify which classes have not had their setup completed.
    • A new Search feature, with options to search by course name, course code, or class name.
    • Improvements to the product assignment process that help finish class setup in just a few clicks!
    • Ability to assign product to classes in bulk, even if they are in different courses!
    • Page renamed from Courses & Classes to Classes & Courses
Accelerated Reader
  • Improvements to the Summary Diagnostic Report
    • New filter to limit quiz results associated with a specific class
    • New option to change the diagnostic code to identify students with an average below 90% instead of 85%
  • Enroll 3.1 was released. This introduced the Renaissance data source that allowed for shared rostering

June 2020

The following products received updates.

Star Assessments
  • Star Computer Adaptive Test:Customers can now access printable lists of Focus Skills from our corporate website:
    • You can filter on subject area, state, grade and domain group.
    • There is a “Print Grade” button in the upper right-hand corner.
  • New updates made to Star Growth Report:
    • Users can now select the new ‘Current SGP (Student Growth Percentile)’ radio button to quickly see Current SGP
    • Users can select the new ‘Select Dates for Growth’ radio button if they want to select a specific school year and specific test windows.
Accelerated Reader
  • Enhancements were made to the Book Labels Report:
    • Improved quiz title selection process
    • Selected titles are displayed on the report customizations page
    • Ability to the select a different number of labels per title
    • Ability to select the starting position for your labels

May 2020

The following products received updates.

Star Assessments
  • Schoolzilla Starter is now accessible on the Renaissance home page and a few Star customers gained access to an early adopter release
  • Improvements made to Star Custom
    • Enhanced process for creating your own custom assessments
    • Improved preview option
  • Star Computer Adaptive Test: The Star Record Book enhancements
    • Key performance indicators added to Record Book (short test time, practice not passed, etc.)
    • Star Spanish users can now access the Star Record Book from their home page by clicking on the Star Spanish tile > Record Book.
    • Now Star English and Star Spanish scores show side by side, instead of just the latest test.
    • Administrators and District staff can view groups on the following reports: Star Student Progress Monitoring Report and the Star Instructional Planning – Class Report
    • Improved student selector on the Star Student Progress Monitoring Report and the Star Instructional

April 2020

The following products received updates.

Star Assessments
  • New Date and Time Restrictions – this new School Level Preference allows users to restrict when students can take Star Computer Adaptive assessments and Star Custom assessments.
Accelerated Reader
  • Updates to Student Discovery page in RGP
    • Students who access myON through RGP will be able to open a book in myON through their AR discovery page via the ‘Read Now’ button.
    • Refreshed options to ‘Browse Articles by Category’ in AR.
    • New filtering options in AR.

March 2020

The following product received updates.

  • CEFR and Cambridge English Language Assessment metrics were made available in myON buildings with the Star permission, as well as modifications to the myON with Star admin report to display these.

February 2020

The following products received updates.

Star Assessments
  • Enhancements and fixes to the Star Progress Monitoring Report:
    • Users can set more than one custom date goal
    • Users can now see more than one non-overlapping goal on the report
Accelerated Reader
  • Reading snapshots are now available so educators can celebrate their students’ reading successes (reading totals) and achievements (goals met), in an image or as a website counter.
  • Educators now have the ability to delete reading snapshots from the Gallery.

December 2019

The following products received updates.

Star Assessments
  • The Star Early Literacy Diagnostic Report now includes the option for educators to view either Star Early Literacy Subdomains and Skill Sets or State Standards Domains. This update provides educators a way to easily and quickly view and print performance for all early learning subdomains and skill sets for all students in their class on a single page report. Additional enhancements for the report include:
    • the option to show/hide the Benchmark Bar
    • the option to show/hide Student ID
  • The Star Student Progress Monitoring Report, for Star Reading and Star Math, now allows both Enterprise Assessments and Progress Monitoring Assessments to be generated on the same report so educators will have a complete picture of a student’s progress.
  • We now provide data to determine if students are on track to meet ACT/SAT college readiness benchmark expectations in reading and math. This allows educators to address student needs and help prepare them for success.
All Renaissance Products
  • District and school administrator users can now create custom reports. The User Created Reports will contain the same metrics as the Customizable Status Report with the addition of options such as benchmarks and SGP.
    • When administrators generate new custom reports, some may take a while to complete. A notification will appear telling them they can come back later to retrieve the completed report. Reports are saved and can be viewed for up to 14 months.
    • Administrators have the option to export data to CSV or to PDF.

October 2019

The following products received updates.

Star Assessments

Lexile® Measure and Lexile® Range are now available on Star Reading Spanish Reports.

September 2019

The following products received updates.

Accelerated Reader

The Point Club Summary Report now gives you:

  • Customization functionality to change the point club values from the default values
  • More choice in what Point Clubs show, such as show only the Highest Point Club, All Point Clubs, or another point club.
  • Improved design with the addition of custom columns and dynamic headers based on the Point Club group selected
  • More data with the addition of Date Joined and Quiz Type information displayed
  • Group by Point Club in the Assignment Selector for other reporting options
Points Management

The Track Awarded/Used Points link has been added to the Record Book & Goals screen and allows you to manage points from either the Class View or the Individual Student Details View.

Class view allows you to:

  • View a high-level snapshot of points for each student in the class
  • Add or use points for the entire class with only a few clicks
  • Add or use points for various students from the Award/Use Points column
  • Print a PDF

Individual student details view allows you to:

  • View a high-level Point Summary that includes points earned and points available
  • View historical information on each time the student was awarded and used points
  • Take action by editing or deleting the student’s point record
  • Print a PDF

August 2019

The following products received updates.

All Renaissance Products
  • Single-School imports now include course ID and class ID.
Accelerated Reader
  • The Quiz Takers Report now includes data for teacher-made quizzes.

July 2019

The following products received updates.

Accelerated Reader/Accelerated Reader 360
  • The redesigned Quiz Takers Report makes it easier to quickly review students’ scores on specific titles. The report can now be run for the entire school and no longer has restrictions about how many titles can be selected.
Star Assessments
  • The Star Growth report will now provide educators with the SGP scores they need to track student growth in the early grades for students who are transitioning from being non-readers taking Star Early Literacy to becoming readers taking Star Reading.

June 2019

The following products received updates.

All Renaissance Products
  • In Home Connect parents and guardians can now add up to 6 email addresses and select which student activities to be notified about
  • The Student Performance Record Report now includes a new assignment selector, assignment menu options are based on which page you came from. Other minor updates to report outputs and improvements to formatting, making it easier to read the report.
Accelerated Reader/Accelerated Reader 360
  • Students can now access nonfiction articles and quizzes.
  • Teachers can now preview articles and quizzes
  • The Goal History Report (Reading) now includes a new assignment selector, menu options based on where you came from, updates to report outputs, and removal of horizontal scrolling
  • The Summary Diagnostic Report now includes a new assignment selector that will allow you to run the report with totals across all types of Accelerated Reader comprehension activities. Other minor updates to report outputs and improvements to formatting, making it easier to read the report.
  • The Student Performance Record Report can now be run for all types of Accelerated Reader activities, including the nonfiction articles. You can now see their complete quizzing history on one report.
Star Assessments
  • Educators can now categorize achievement of students taking Star Reading Spanish (Grades 1-8), Star Math Spanish (Grades 1-8), and Star Early Literacy (Grades K-3) to identify level of risk and the need for additional resources or support with benchmarks based on Spanish norms. Star Spanish benchmarks are available as a reporting option on the Screening (new for Star Spanish!), Annual Progress, and Diagnostic Reports.
  • The following updates are based on educator feedback and will provide improved ease of use and insight as growth data is reviewed.
    • The Growth Report now includes a score definitions legend providing educators with quick reference to the scores provided on the report. Each score is hyperlinked to the help file for additional information.
    • The Goal History Report (Reading) now includes a new assignment selector, menu options based on where you came from, updates to report outputs, and removal of horizontal scrolling
    • After customization options have been made on the Growth Report, the “Update Report” button will now scroll to the beginning of the report rather than require the user to scroll down manually from the customization options.
    • For clear distinction, the Summary portion of the Growth Report is now indented and for context the selected Growth Expectation is displayed in the SGP columns.
Accelerated Math Instructional Practice
  • The Summary Diagnostic now automatically selects the math practice assignments for you when you access this report from the Math Practice reports tab. Other minor updates to report outputs and improvements to formatting, making it easier to read the report.
  • The book info modal now includes an AR link with ATOS & points
  • Educators and students can now organize their “myList” books into Book Bundles
  • Educators can use Bundles to add multiple books to a new or existing project all at once
  • Educators are now able to create book set recommendations from the myList book Bundles they have created
  • General improvements and issue fixes

April 2019

The following products received updates.

Accelerated Reader/Accelerated Reader 360
  • Educators can now edit quiz dates in the AR Record Book.  Changing a quiz date may alter the student’s progress towards goals.
  • The new Goals Met Report will help you quickly get a list of the students who have met their goals for a marking period.
  • The new Passing Percentage Preference allows administrators to change what percent correct will count as passing for AR quizzes.  Changing this preference will impact any quizzes taken after you have updated the preference and will not change student’s previous quiz records.
  • The AR Record Book is now the place to go to manage and view student quiz records. Given increased functionality and ease of use in the Record Book, we have removed AR Quizzes from the Track Student Work and Review Student Work Dashboards.
  • The AR Word Count Report now has a Do Not Group option so the report can be run for the whole school, showing schoolwide summary totals of number of words read. A new Total column has been added to show the total word count for all books, articles and textbook passages quizzed on, in addition to a breakdown of words read by type.
Star Assessments
  • Students who take the Algebra or Geometry tests in grades 7-12 will now have Algebra or Geometry domain scores populate in the Mastery View, regardless of the student’s specific grade level, providing educators with the mastery data they need to gauge progress and guide instruction for Algebra or Geometry.
  • Star Math will now report Quantile Measures for students in grades 3-8, providing educators with additional insights into students’ math knowledge and progress in states, districts, and schools in which Quantile Measures are used or required.
All Renaissance Products
  • Removed the Goal History report from the Math Reports tab.

March 2019

The following products received updates.

Accelerated Reader/Accelerated Reader 360
  • AR Goals and Certifications are now available in the AR Record Book.

February 2019

The following products received updates.

All Renaissance Products
  • The Reports navigator pages have a new look and more options: the Dashboard Navigator was renamed Reports, there is a new tab layout, there is a new background color, and you can pin frequently used reports on each tab
  • Users can now use OneRoster 1.1, in addition to OneRoster 1.0, for importing student and other information into Renaissance.
  • Selecting skills that students are ready to learn is now easier. Teachers now have a clearer view of where students are placed in the context of their Star scores and the learning progression as they are lesson planning. We’ve also made improvements to how teachers can find and search for skills. Teachers can use the tabs to easily find recommended skills based on Star assessments, browse skills by domain, or find assessments and content that they have previously created.
Accelerated Reader 360
  • Lesson Plan management improvements, including the ability to delete lesson plans.
Star Assessments
  • Instructional Resources (Renaissance & Open Educational Resources – OERs) are now assignable through Star Reading, Star Math, and Star Early Literacy for our customers upgraded to the Renaissance Growth Platform. This update provides a seamless connection between assessment results, practice, and instruction, and improves lesson plan management with the added ability to view and delete existing lesson plans.
  • The State Standards Mastery Class Report is updated to include Projected Mastery of state standards and printable PDFs, providing educators with insight into potential for growth in an easy-to-use format.
  • The Star Longitudinal Report is now available. The report displays the progress of the same group of students compared to district benchmark data over the past 3-5 years, providing administrators with the historical data they need to measure progress and performance of students over time.

January 2019

The following products received updates.

All Renaissance Products
  • Continued resolution of bugs.
  • Continued improvements to make pages load faster.
Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Reader 360
  • Record Book is now available showing a view of last quiz taken for each student in the class and a view of all quizzes taken by a single student in current and previous school year. Other actions such as deactivation, rescore, view TOPS report, and transfer a record can also be done from here.
Star Assessments
  • District administrators can now track progress of grade-level standards mastery across the district with the new State Standards Report – District.
  • Users with only Star products (Star Reading, Star Math, Star Early Literacy, or Star Custom) can now use Renaissance Home Connect to have email notifications sent out when students complete an assessment.

December 2018

The following products received updates.

All Renaissance Products
  • Continued resolution of bugs.
  • Continued improvements to make pages load faster.
Star Assessments
  • Both the Lexile® Range Preference and the Star assessment report options will now drive Lexile® Range to appear on several Star Reading and Star Early Literacy reports.
  • When a PR (Percentile Rank) goal is set, you can now see the Expected Goal Growth Rate on the Star Student Progress Monitoring reports.
  • The Test Activity Report now has separate columns showing incomplete practice Star tests and failed practice Star tests.

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