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Guide more growth for every student using the most comprehensive K–12 interim and formative assessment suite available—universal screening, progress monitoring, and goal-setting data to move every student forward.

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Why is Star the best assessment choice for your school or district? Real educators discuss why they rely on Star Assessments to answer essential questions about their students’ strengths and instructional needs. Watch now to discover how your peers are using Star to accelerate student learning every day.

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Why educators choose Star Assessments

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Chart a path to success

Chart a path to success

Get a quick overview of the full Star Assessment suite when you download the brochure.

Chart a path to success

Chart a path to success

Get a quick overview of the full Star Assessment suite when you download the brochure.

Understand student mastery

Understand student mastery

Star combines student learning data from multiple sources to provide a unified measure of mastery.

View achievement and growth

View achievement and growth

See where your students are headed with a clear Student Growth Percentile (SGP) for every learner.

See sample Star reports

See sample Star reports

Educators get quick, accurate insights into student learning with Star’s easy-to-read reports and dashboards.

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Helpful assessment resources for educators

ACT & SAT benchmarks

The earlier you can see if students are on track for college and career readiness, the more opportunities you have to provide extra support and raise achievement. With this free tool, you can see if students are on track as early as sixth grade.

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Quick, helpful videos

Psychometricians and other assessment experts break down complex topics into practical, real-world terms for today’s educators. Learn about learning progressions, linking studies, growth expectations, fluctuating test scores, and more.

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Free assessment handbook

How long should tests be? When should we assess? How do we get the most out of every minute spent assessing? This research-driven guide explores the different interactions of tests and time—and what they mean for today’s educators.

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Criterion vs. norm

How is it possible for a student’s test score to go up, but their percentile rank goes down? Explore the essentials that every educator needs to know about criterion-referenced tests and norm-referenced tests in this popular article.

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