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Making student success visible

How to act on growth scores

What is Student Growth Percentile (SGP)—and why is it so critical for effective curriculum and instruction? Get the answers from an assessment expert, along with insights on where to find SGP scores in Star Assessments.

Why educators choose Star Assessments


What makes Star so effective?

Chart a path to success

Get a quick overview of the full Star Assessment suite when you download the brochure.

Understand student mastery

Star reports help you determine if students are on track to meeting your state learning standards.

Seeing growth

Get deeper insights into student learning

Whether you are an educator or administrator, choose the journey that best answers essential questions about your students, class, school, or district with Star’s interactive key reports booklet.


Helpful assessment resources for educators

Best practices for remote testing

Prepare for a successful remote testing experience with these best practices that support uninterrupted learning.

Quick, helpful videos

Psychometricians and other assessment experts break down complex topics into practical, real-world terms for today’s educators. Learn about learning progressions, linking studies, growth expectations, fluctuating test scores, and more.

How to address learning loss

Designed for assessment directors, principals, and other school and district leaders, this guide provides steps for planning for Back-to-School 2020—and clear guidance for meeting students’ needs throughout the school year.

Free toolkit

Follow these Five Steps to a Sound Implementation for a simplified path administrators and teachers can navigate through together to use Star and Star data for making informed decisions. Explore these resources— including Help Files, video tutorials, webinars, and more.

Compare assessments

With a variety of educational assessments available, choosing the one that’s best for your students can be confusing and difficult. Consider these features and benefits when evaluating educational assessments.

Finding the right instructional resources

Save valuable time and effectively guide instruction and practice with over 80,000 instructional resources aligned to the standards and skills your students are ready to learn.

Let’s talk about introducing Star Assessments in your school or district!

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