Practice Makes Perfect

Try out Accelerated Reader 360 Sample Quizzes and Activities

Accelerated Reader Quizzes and Practice Activities quickly assess student progress towards their individualized reading comprehension and close reading skill mastery goals as they work with both fiction and non-fiction content. The friendly, inviting format makes these assessments easily accessible on computers, laptops, and tablets 7 inches or larger. With over 180,000 available quizzes and activities, Accelerated Reader 360 inspires the best reading practice available, helping every student to become a flourishing reader and ready to succeed in college and career.

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Reading Practice Quizzes

Reading Practice Quizzes ask questions that measure a student’s comprehension over fiction and non-fiction books.

Of Mice of Men  Tom Sawyer  Honey for Baby Bear

Quizzes for Early Readers

Three-Question Reading Practice Quizzes are designed to help measure comprehension of short early-reader titles. Each title also has an accompanying Recorded Voice Quiz.

Biscuit and the Lost Teddy Bear  There is a Bird on Your Head

Recorded Voice Quizzes

Recorded Voice Quizzes allow beginning readers and/or ELLs to take quizzes on their own because they include professionally narrated audio. Available in English and Spanish.

Clifford's First Christmas

Vocabulary Practice Quizzes

Vocabulary Practice Quizzes reinforce key vocabulary words in books students choose for independent reading.

Toughboy & Sister

Literacy Skills Quizzes and Practice Activities

Literacy Skills Quizzes and Practice Activities help you measure your students’ proficiency in close reading skills.


Textbook Quizzes

Textbook Quizzes enable you to monitor comprehension of material that students read in the specific textbook series you use.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Macmillan/McGraw Hill
SRA/McGraw Hill
Scott Foresman