Renaissance myON Reader

Core Library

All Renaissance myON® Reader subscriptions include a core library containing thousands of nonfiction and fiction titles from Capstone's strong family of imprints in a variety of genres and formats that engage students.

Capstone imprints

Capstone Press

Accessible nonfiction text captures interest while building confidence and skill in beginning, struggling and reluctant readers, grades Pre-K —9 

Compass Point

Smart nonfiction that weaves comprehensive narrative with intriguing facts and real-world examples for grades 5-12

Stone Arch Books

Compelling contemporary and appropriate fiction to inspire independent reading for grades K-9

Picture Window Books

Illustrated fiction and nonfiction easy readers, picture books and chapter books for grades Pre-K —4 


Curriculum-driven nonfiction that encourages inquiry and satisfies curiosity for students grades K-8 

About Capstone

Capstone has published more than 25,000 titles during the past 25 years, earning their place as the #1 choice among students and teachers alike with award-winning fiction and nonfiction titles for Pre-K —12.